My Life

By uncmatt
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    I was born in Greenville at Pitt Memorial Hospital.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
    I celebrated my first Christmas with my family.
  • Took My 1st Step

    Took my first steps as a baby. I was 6 months old.
  • Became a Brother

    My brother was born and I was no longer an only child.
  • Started School

    Started Elementary School at W.H Robinson.
  • Got My First Pet

    Got My First Pet
    I got a Golden Retriever for my 5th birthday.
  • First UNC Football Game

    First UNC Football Game
    I attended my first UNC football game in Chapel Hill vs. Florida State.
  • Read My First Book

    I read my first book in 1st grade in October of 2001.
  • Got my 1st Shotgun

    Got my 1st Shotgun
    I bought my first shotgun. It was a 12 gauge pump action with a full choke.
  • Was Baptised

    Was Baptised
    I accepted God as my savior and was baptised.
  • Got My First Dirtbike

    Got My First Dirtbike
    I got my first dirtbike on Christmas in 2006.
  • Finished #1 in Class

    Received a plaque for having the overall highest accumulative average in 7th grade.
  • Won the Rotary 4-way Essay Contest

    Won the Rotary 4-way Essay Contest
    I won $75 for winning the Rotary essay contest.
  • Graduated Middle School

    Graduated from middle school as number 2 in the class.
  • Got My 1st Job

    I got my first job working at Ayden Upholstery with my grandpa.
  • Got My Permit

    I got my permit 3 days after my birthday in 2009.
  • First Broken Bone

    First Broken Bone
    I broke my collar bone nearly in half during baseball practice. It was the first bone I've broken in my entire life.
  • First Truck

    I got my first truck. It was a 4x4 Silverado.
  • Won the Best Buy Black Ops Tournament

    Won 1st place in the Black Ops 2v2 tournament in Best Buy.
  • Got My License

    Got My License
    The day I got my license, passed the driving test the first time.