Kelsey Worthington

  • The day I was born :)

    The day I was born :)
    I was born on July 8, 1995 at 4:45 p.m. at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina.
  • Period: to

    Kelsey Worthington

  • The first day I walked by myself.

    I took my first steps at my Great Grandmother's house.
  • Asthma :(

    I hadn't been feeling good and was having bad breathing problems. I had been the doctor serveral times and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My dad went to check on me and I was having labored breathing. He then took me to the doctor's office, they gave me oxygen there but i wasnt getting any better. They then transferred me to the hospital where I stayed there for four days. I guess you could say thats when they finally figured out I had asthma.
  • When I started dance

    I started dance when I was four years old. I took tap, jazz, and ballet for seven years.
  • When I met Morgan!

    When I met Morgan!
    I met my first very bestfriend Morgan Hudson in preschool. We've had our ups and downs but we've always stayed pretty close.
  • First day of Kindergarten

    I started attending Grifton Elementary School on August 24, 2000. I was in Mrs. Sherry Tyer's class.
  • My first concert!

    I went to see the Dixie Chicks in concert in Winston-Salem.
  • Jersey!

    I got my dog Jersey when I was in the 1st grade. Jersey is a 9 year old cockapoo.
  • Disney World!

    I took a family trip to Disney World for a week when I was 6 years old.
  • Soccer

    I first started playing soccer somewhere around the middle of Septemeber in 2002. I played for four years after that.
  • Basketball

    I started playing basketball in 4th grade and I am still playing now.
  • Middle School

    I started Middle school on August 23, 2005. I didnt go to a different school because Grifton only has one school and it is Kindergarten through Eighth grade.
  • Volleyball

    I first played volleyball in 6th grade because one of my close friends mother wanted me to learn how to play.
  • More Basketball

    More Basketball
    I was a manager for basketball in 6th grade and met two amazing people that changed my life, Elizabeth Owens and Derrica Jones.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    Finally, got out of the little school I had been in for 7 years.
  • When I met Sydney!

    When I met Sydney!
    I met my bestfriend, Sydney Hendricks, on the way to a volleyball game. I thank God everyday to have such a special person in my life.
  • My very first day of Ayden-Grifton

    My very first day of Ayden-Grifton
    First day I started Ayden-Grifton High School. I had a great freshman year.
  • When I met Brandon!

    When I met Brandon!
    I met Brandon Garris somewhere near the end of volleyball season freshman year. We used to date but he still means a lot to me. Were great friends now.
  • Permit

    I got my permit a month and two days after my birthday because I took drivers ed late.
  • Braces

    I got my braces at the beginning of my sophmore year, I should be wearing them for about 9 months.