My Life

By powellk
  • Keith's Birthday Day

    Keith's Birthday Day
    I was born into the world.
  • Period: to


  • Buying Clothes

    Down in Washington, DC we went to the mall.
  • School For The First Time

    School For The First Time
    Head Start was the first school, I went to before Grifton School.
  • Riding The Bus

    Riding The Bus
    I started riding the bus down to my grandma house, because at home nobody would be there to see me get off the bus.
  • Fishing

    On this day I went with my uncle to go fishing in Norfolk, Virginia for the first time.
  • Riding With My Cousin

    We went riding up to South Carolina just for fun.
  • Asheboro Zoo

    Asheboro Zoo
    My class went on a field trip to the Asheboro zoo.
  • Cook Out

    At my aunt's house we had a cook out that some of any kind you could want to eat.
  • Playing Games

    Playing Games
    All night we played the original monopoly, before the new one came out.
  • Shad Festival

    Shad Festival
    When I went to the Shad Festival I entered my name in to win a scooter. The next day the phone rang, and they told I won. They took my picture, and I was in the newspaper.
  • Surgery

    Doctors put me to sleep so they can perform the surgery on my neck.
  • Baby Shower

    Baby Shower
    On a saturday morning I got up so we could get ready to go to Charlotte NC. The reason for going was for a baby shower, but while we was up there, all of us stayed at a hotel.
  • Walking Home

    I tried walking home from school to see how long it would take me, because I usually ride the bus.
  • Mazalan Restaurant

    Ms. Amante planned for us to go on a field trip to Mazalan in Greenville. But now it is closed.
  • Traveling With Family

    My cousin wanted my mom, me, her dad, and his wife to go to her house in Fayetville.
  • Banking Account

    Banking Account
    I had my first bank account with State Employee's Credit Union.
  • No More Middle School

    I graduated from Grifton Middle School.
  • Learner's Permit

    I'm driving with my permit.
  • Working

    I worked with one of my mom's friends doing landscaping for the first time.
  • Snowy Day

    Snowy Day
    It snowed all day leaving me to play video games, and having fun.