Cassandra's Life

By knightc
  • Cassandra's Birth

    I was born in Washington State at 4:30 a.m. and weighed 8Ibs 9oz
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    Cassandra's Life

  • Moving

    I moved to Maryland to live with my aunt and uncle
  • Fun in the Sun

    I learned how to swim in my aunt's parents' pool
  • Move Time

    I moved with my mother and step-dad to West Virginia
  • Brandon

    My little brother; Brandon, was born weighing 10Ibs 12oz
  • Round and round

    My big brother; Justin, taught me how to ride my first 2-wheeler bike. It was a green and black bmx bike.
  • The Fall

    When the Twin Towers fell, I was six and lived in Maryland. I'm thankful I didn't lose any family members or friends on that day.
  • Move Again

    I moved in with my grandparents in Washington State and began going to school at Tenino Elementary for my third grade year.
  • North Carolina

    I moved to North Carolina and started fourth grade attending James W. Smith Elementary School in Craven County.
  • Ayden

    I moved to Ayden, North Carolina; and started fifth grade at Creekside Elementary.
  • Switch

    I switched schools from AG Cox to Ayden Middle School for sixth grade thru my eighth grade year.
  • Soccer

    I played soccer for the first time and fell in love with the sport. I played for Pitt County Parks & Recreation and still continue to play til this day.
  • Smile

    I got my braces that were put on by Doctor Dennis Ross. I got them off January 27, 2010. And now I have a straight, pretty smile.
  • Eighth grade

    I began eighth grade which turned out to be my best year in school. I stopped getting in trouble, my grades came up and I won MVP for basketball. Also at graduation I received many awards.
  • Ninth grade

    I began my Freshman year at Ayden-Grifton High School, and it was a crazy year. Your first year in High School always is the most confusing.
  • Fighter

    I took an MMA class at Core Gym in Winterville, North Carolina; I got the opportunity to train with five professional fighters.
  • Rawr

    I got my first bearded dragon that I named Diego. I got him when he was only 5 inches long...He is now a foot and 4 inches :)
  • Aww

    I got my first Orange Tabby Kitten from Williamston, North Carolina at Petco and named him Felix.
  • Wow

    I began my Sophomore year starting out not so strong in the grades area in school, but eventually bringing them up and passing the semester.
  • <3

    I met my current girlfriend who is the best thing that's happened to me in a good while. We've been friends since my Freshman year, but she now goes to South Central High. She helps me out with a lot of things in my life, especially with the drama in High School.