Honors English 2 Timeline.Life of Morgan Hudson

  • My Birth :)

    On this day in history, I was born. I was a premature baby of 3 months, and weighed 2 pounds and 11 ounces.
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    Honors English 2 Timeline. Life of Morgan Hudson

  • Death of My Grandaddy Hudson

    This was the day that my daddy's father past away. His death was a freak accident. When he was working on my aunt's car, it fell on him; crushing his chest, and then sending him to heaven.
  • Ouch! My appendix ruptured!

    On this day, when i was very young, I had my appendix taken out because it had wrapped itself around my pelvic bone and ruptured.
  • Cortni Leigh Hudson was born :)

    This was the day my little sister was born. She wieghed 5 pounds and 10 ounces. She beat me!
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    On this date, I was enrolled in kindergarten at Grifton Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Tyer.
  • Ouch! My wrist is broken!

    This year i didnt go trick or treating because I was in the hospital getting my wrist x-rayed. I fell off the monkeybars at school and broke two bones in my right wrist.
  • Tooth Fairy? Are You Coming?

    This was the day I lost my very first tooth. I was in the middle of a girl scouts meeting and I just yanked the sucker out.
  • Doctor, Can I Keep My Tonsils in a Jar?

    This was the day I had my tonsillectomy, in hopes of curing the "Strep Throat" virus that I had had year round for about 5 years.
  • From Bear Hole to Dawson :)

    I had live in Vanceboro, NC all my life. This was the day I moved to Grifton in a house right across the street from my granparents!
  • The Divorce of My Parents.

    On this date, my father moved out of the house.
  • 1st Piano Lesson! I'm The New Mozart!

    This was the day I went to my first piano lesson. My instructors name was Mrs. Harris.
  • 1st Guitar :)

    On this Christmas, I got my very first guitar. I learned how to play and stayed up all night practicing.
  • "Mama's Boyfriend and Children Move In"

    On this day, my mothers boyfriend;Todd Sparrow, moved in with us. His kids Haley, Tanner, and Sydney, stay with us every other weekend.
  • Grandaddy was Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

    On this date, we found out that my grandaddy had cancer. Thanks to radiation treatment, he's been cancer free for a year!
  • 1st Out of State Trip!

    This was the day I left Georgia bound. I went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game, and six flags as well.
  • Goodbye Grifton School! (8th Grade Graduation)

    This day was my last day as a middle schooler. I recieved the choral music plaque, and the Dr. O.J. Carson Plaque, as long as many other awards.
  • 1st Day of Highschool! Go Chargers!

    This was the day I became a freshman. On this day, I walked into the boys bathroom by mistake; I was so embarrased.
  • 1st High School Play :) Shakespear!

    On this day, I performed as "Curio" in the "Twelfth Night" production at Ayden Grifton High School.
  • 1st Big TV Debut! :)

    This was the day I went to Kinston and was on the set of, "Downeast Today" with Rick Vernon, Marsha Bishop, and John Moore. I sang very many songs and played my guitar. I also answered numerous questions and was interviewed.
  • The Day I finished This Wonderful Assignment :)

    On this day,I worked on this project for an hour and a half. I hope i get a good grade!