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  • JEA's Birthday!!!

    JEA's Birthday!!!
    I came into this world at 6lbs. 14oz. and 21in. long.
  • Asthma

    At the age of 1 i was diagnosed with severe asthma.
  • Sisters for LIFE!

    Sisters for LIFE!
    We really knew each other before we were even born but this was when we started spending time with each other!!! My sister Taylor!
  • Pre-K

    I was enrolled in Preschool at the age of 3.
  • Dance =)

    Dance =)
    In 1999 i was at the age i could start dance, which was my life at the time!
  • Zoom into Action!

    Zoom into Action!
    In the summer of 2002 i was inspired to help the homeless from a show called zoom, and i did so by conducting a food drive; and yes it was my idea with a little help from my parents.
  • Baptisim

    In my church when you turn 8 years old you can be baptised and recieve the Holy Ghost, you can be baptised at any age after 8 as well.
  • The move...

    The move...
    When we moved from my hometown of Deep Run to the Ayden-Grifton area...,that was the same year i began the violin.
  • Volleyabll=)

    One good thing about moving here was i started playing volleyball!!!
  • Eagle

    My brother became an Eagle Scout. I helped him with his project and also played the violin at his ceremony.
  • Broken Dreams

    Broken Dreams
    in 2005 i fell off my four-wheeler and the same night i also fell off a rope, i originally broke my wrist in sept. of that year but we didnt find the break until Decemember.
  • Amanda<3

    In the summer of 07' i met my very bestfriend Amanda Lennon, she also one of my sisters for life!!!
  • Changed my life =)

    Changed my life =)
    This was the year that i met the 2 most important people to me that changed my life. (from left-right) Rachel, Jordan, Amber
  • Tubbing!

    the 1st time i ever went tubbing i flew the highest out of my whole family! Everyone said it was the ESPN water sport highlight of the summer (haha).
  • ARH<3

    In Sept. of 08' my cousin Adam died in a tragic accident, and it has effected my family greatly. RIP Adam Ryan Howard <3
  • Brooke Lynn

    Brooke Lynn
    My baby cousin who i love dearly and is like my own (i even call her my baby haha) was born on Dec 1, 2008.
  • DC

    Our family vacation was to Washington D.C that year and we went everywhere and i learned alot. My favorite part was the air & space smithsonian.
  • Permit!

    I got my permit on my birthday last year! I plan on getting my lisenses in 2 and a half months!
  • Pig Cooking

    Pig Cooking
    Ive always helped my daddy cook the pig but at Festival on the Nuese i cooked by myself for the 1st time! My brother and I will continue my praents traditions by cooking pigs annually.
  • Get it SON!

    Get it SON!
    ON my Thanksgiving break this year i caught the biggest catfish of my life, and i want to be able to one day break the state record!
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