• The Day I was Born.

    I was born on May,29 1995 In the Greenville North Carolina
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First Day i walked

    First day i started walking.
  • First Day of K-4

    I went to K-4 in Ayden NC at Tenderly Teaching.
  • First Girlfriend

    My first Girlfriend hahaha. :)
  • My Grandad Died

    My grandad died when i was about 4 years old. :(
  • School

    Started K-5 At Mount Calvary Christian School in Hooketon NC.
  • My First Fourwheeler

    I got my First fourwheeler when i was 5.
  • Mooved to a Different house

    We built a Huge brick house.
  • Got my first cell phone

  • My first Deer

    I shot my first deer which was a 8 pointer :)
  • Got run over my Friends Fourwheeler

    I got ranover by a honda fourwheeler and hurt my back.
  • First time duck hunting

    Ever since that day i have loved to duck hunt.
  • Changed Schools

    I changed from Mount Calavry to Bethel Christian School.
  • First Dunk in a Basketball Game.

    First time i dunked at my old school ugly dunk.
  • New House

    Wr built another new house.
  • Biggest Buck i ever Killed

    I shot a 8 pointer that was 21 3/4 inches wide which is huge.
  • Changed Schools to AGHS

    I left Private schools to come to Ayden Grifton it was a Personal choice I did not have to leave i just felt it was the right thing to do and i only live 2 minutes from the school compared to Kinston.
  • Got my Honda Foreman 500

    Got my Honda Foreman 500 fourwheeler with a 5 inch lift kit with mudzilla tires and some awesome rims and a new racing pipe.
  • Got a dog

    We got a new Yorkypoo Puppy.
  • My first Truck

    I got a 2005 F-150, chrome package, dual exhaust, black and chrome rims, black tint, pull bar,chrome fender bars, all browning interior, lift kit, and a black tool box for Christmas!!!