Olivia's Life!

  • I was born

    On April 17 2001 I was born
  • My first trip to the Mall

    The first time I went to the mall was when I was less then one day old!
  • First plane ride

    This is the first tiem I have ever been on a plane
  • My first ferry ride

  • First solid food meal

  • My first steps

  • The first time I sat in a car forward

  • First words

  • My first haircut

    My first hair cut was when I was 2.
  • First bike ride(My first bike)

  • My first move: Home on the range in the movie theater

    My first movie was home on the range and it was my first one in the movie theater
  • Meet the princesses (going to Dinsey Land)

  • My first dog(pet)

    My first pet(dog) was Gracie
  • I went from Canada to Qatar

    Sometime in Febuary I moved from Canada to QATAR
  • My first concert Hillary Duff

    My first concert was Hillary Duff and I also met her
  • My first tooth that I lost

  • My first play the King And I

    My first play that I was in was the King And I and I was 6
  • Dislocated two of my toes

    I dilocated two of my toes doing a handstand in the kitchen and I came down on a wooden stool with a THWAP
  • Starting grade 4c