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2010 Highlights

By lilcass
  • Caketronica event

    Caketronica event
    After my first Sound Studies class I asked if anyone wanted to check out this music group but no one was interested. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my classmates there when I arrived, Nate has been a dear friend ever since.
  • DJ at Brooklyn Bar

    DJ at Brooklyn Bar
    Well, it didn't last long 1) because they started to double book the night and then 2) the bar shut down,,, but for a couple weeks in a row you could hear the minimal tech sounds of DJ LilCass spinning her vinyl at Bar Sputnik in BK.
  • Tyler Joined my Crib

    Learn more about why I love my roomates Tyler, from San Diego joined this humble abode. He's a great addition and we're lucky to have him :) He's in the coast guard but soon to be an NYC student free from gun duties and LONG ass commutes.
  • A Little Sound Crew Addition

    A Little Sound Crew Addition
    Nate and I had been hanging out since the begging of the semester (see Caketronika event) but after the Environment Day party we had a fitting new addition. Mara joined and the three way marriage we joke about could not me more satisfying.
  • Yuani Visit

    and it was very nice :)
  • Summer in Montreal

    I worked hard, I played hard and a good time was had by all. Particularly Mara who visited on more than one occasion.
  • Gav Leaves for Israel

    While Gav moving to Israel is not great news for me.... I'm always happy when my friends are happy,,, so,,, yay for Gav!
  • Landed Head and Hands Job

    Landed Head and Hands Job
    SERVE website
    Not sure how I swung this but I got a great summer job working at Head and Hands organizing a summer beach volleyball tournament. We raised over $25,000 for Sex Ed programs in Quebec. Not bad... and a ton of fun!
  • Got me a Niece

    Got me a Niece
    @ 10:54 Danica Cooper Urwin joined our family. I was not only in town, but AT the hospital. I woke that morning and the first thought I had was, Ben is going to be a daddy today... and I was right. It was a close call, but she proved me right.
  • Matt Comes to Visit MTL :)

    Matt Comes to Visit MTL :)
    The Nasty Show, Jazz Fest, no fun-sun-day but hopfully next year!
    Thanks again for joining me man :)
  • Maggie and Chris Become Friends

    Maggie and Chris Become Friends
    I can't begin to tell you how cool this is.
  • The Ricecapaids

    The Ricecapaids
    See the video, Hear the soundsI can't explain it. You had to be there. Or I guess you could watch the video.
  • Louis Moved In

    Click here to learn more about why I love my roomateswork link I gots me a new roommate and he's from Ithaca New York and works for Cerebral Palsy Association helping people find housing. He cooks, plays guitar, sings, ping-pongs, he's great.
  • Road Trip to Maine for Kat's Wedding

    Road Trip to Maine for Kat's Wedding
    30 sec sound bit Short and sweet but certainly memorable. Highlights include the road trip down with Reb, Yael and Sid; some peoples first go at Lobster, beach day, THE WEDDING, seeing Kat look so dam good! ;) Watching Sid and Rebecca dancing while it was still light out... classic.
  • Met Mara in Maine

    Met Mara in Maine
  • Mom's Birthday

    Mom's Birthday

    I started playing hockey at the Chelsea Piers on a gay league hockey team, however the Gay teams play the non gay teams and my team was mainly gay guys who sang show tunes on the bench and a handful of woman who just wanted to play hockey. I was happy to be on the ice but it just wasn't a good fit.
  • Brooklyn Blades

    Brooklyn Blades
    Brooklyn Blades Home Page A mixed level team to put it mildly but I have really grown to love this group of woman. We play out of Bayonne NJ but a woman who lives near by gives me a lift so I'm all set. Two grandmothers one who's 63 and literally dives in front of the puck. Love it. The other is an orthodox Jew who doesn’t wear pants when she's not on the ice.... an eclectic bunch to put it mildly.
  • Electric Zoo Weekend

    Electric Zoo Weekend
    Line Up This weekend was out of control in the best kind of way.
    Chemical Brothers, Misstress Barbara, Claude Von Stroke, Ellen Allien, ... ...
  • ICL

    Got hired to work at the Institute for Civic Leadership. I went for an internship interview but they wanted to pay me... so I said ok. Now I work part time helping to organize an international youth leadership camp. Puuurdy sweet.
  • Audio Job

    Audio Job
    I changed jobs at the school. I left the equipment center and started working for the Library converting old tape lectures into digital sound files. Its kinda like someone paying you to learn a program (Pro-Tools) others are paying a shit ton to learn.
  • Mom and Aunty Sandy Visit

    Mom and Aunty Sandy Visit
    Fela! show, Centry 21, canal street, Comidy Nest, Fort Green flea Market, food,food,food... you sure you were only here one full day?
  • I Succumed to Gmail

    true. I am forwarding e-mails from hotmail, but I started using only my gmail account: cassidylerman@gmail.com
  • Wally joins the party AND....

    Wally joins the party AND....
    Mara decided to pick up the sweetest little head at Union Square. He's a rescuer so age and breed are a bit of a mystery but there's no uncertainty that his little head is the cutest in Prospect Heights.
    While Wally is an exciting addition, the realization that I am no longer allergic to dogs is SO exciting and in my top three biggest highlights of 2010.