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My Life

  • Brandon N. Tate comes into the world.

    Born at 2:16 in the afternoon. Directly goes to intensive care. the doctor broke my collar bone. I was in intensive care for three days and my mom had to go home while I was still at the hospital. i finally get to go home on the sixth of March. My mom had to strech my shoulder out every single day and I screamed. The doctors couldn't put a cast on my because you cant put them on babies.
  • Moved to Illnois

    My mom got married when I was two years old and we moved in with my moms ex-husbands parents. That was in Crossville, IL. After a year of living there we moved to a smaller town named Carmi, IL. We lived there for about six years. We went fishing all the time and i became close and grew up with the next door neighbor kids.
  • We move back to Indiana

    Its now three boys and my mom. We moved back in with my grandparents and lived with them for about two years. After this we moved in to a house right on the edge of the Lloyd. I lived there for a while and then moved to Carrage house apartments. and rented that place for like four years and two of those we didnt live there. We lived with my moms boyfriend at the time but the get married this all happened from 2002 to 2007
  • My first big snow

    This was the first time I had seen so much snow. It was also the first time i had ever been on a four wheeler in the snow. The snow was twenty two inches deep. It came up to my knees. The only part is, it was Christmas Eve. I was stuck on one side of town and I needed to be on the other. My grandpa came and got us in his truck because our car was snowed in.
  • I started BMXing

    Believe it or not I started ramping on a 16' wheel bike. But the worst part about it I started ramping on a hot wheel car. I started that day trying to smash it, I ran it over and got about a half inch of air off of it. So I tried to get higher and higher. And I did get higher. Over time i became the best at BMX in my neighborhood. The bigges rampt to this day that I have jumped was a 15 foot step-up, at the peak i was about six feet off the ground. I was so scared but I landed it!
  • I get a new step dad

    We had acually lived with him for about two years. He proposed to my mom on the pitchers mound of a baseball field during one of his games. she cried and the got married.she didnt come down the ile to a normal here comes the bride she came down to Elvis.
  • I went to the race track for the first time

    I went to the race track and i suddenly relized this is where i belong. These are my greesy car people. I have been going there almost every weekend since that day. The race track is were i first drove a stick shift car. Its also where I learned to work on all sorts of cars.
  • i drove a racecar for the first time.

    On this day I drove my cousins racecar. It was a Dodge Neon at one time but you couldn't tell that today. The car has been through a lot and that includes the time I hit the wall. That also includes my cousin turning Boonville County Fair (Boonvages) into a demo. I didn't race this day but I wheelpacked the track. Wheel packing is where the cars in the pits go out on the track, drive around, and dry out the track.
  • I got my first car.

    It was my grandpa's old car and it got passed to me. It is a 87' Ford Escort GT. Which really doesnt seem like a GT of any sort. i have to sell this one to put money in the second one.
  • I get the second car!

    This car I bought. It is a 91' Ford Probe LX. I need more money to fix this car because my aunt decided to blow a head gasket. I am selling the other one to put money into this one.