10 Significant Moments

  • I Was Born.

    I Was Born.
    I was born January 22, 1996 at 9:23 A.M. in the City of El Monte.
  • Wendi Was Born!

    My little sister Wendi was born.
  • Headstart.

    Started Headstart at the age of 3. I went to Cortada Elementary School.
  • Grandparents!

    On October 25 i got to go to Mexico with my aunt & meet my grandparents for the first time.
  • Got A Fisher Price Jeep.

    Got A Fisher Price Jeep.
    I got a Fisher Price Jeep Car as my 2001 Christmas Present.
  • Vistit to California Adventures.

    Vistit to California Adventures.
    My first time to Disney Land California Adventure was at the age of 6 with my parents and my cousin Manuel.
  • Swimming Lessons.

    Swimming Lessons.
    I started swimming lessons at the old El Monte Aquatic Center at the age of 7.
  • Puppy!

    While at my aunts in La Puent my aunts dog had puppys & we got one since she was selling them.
  • First Communion.

    First Communion.
    On May 22nd, 2004 I did my first communion at St Anthony Church in San Gabriel California.
  • Universal Studios

    Universal Studios
    Got to visit Universal Studios with my sister & my parents.