10 importent dates in my life

By dur0003
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    my life

  • i moved to rowville

    i moved to rowville
    i was very yoneg so i can't remember the move but i still live there now and love it.
  • lucas was born

    lucas was born
    he is now 10 and very annoing
  • i went to dawen

    i went to dawen
    i can remember all these crocs everywhere.it was really fun from what i remember.
  • i started school

    i started school
    i loved jells park. all the opertunites they gave ys and where aeally helpful. every body there was really nice and i am glad i went there.
  • i started scouts

    i started scouts
    scouts is now a big part of my life. i have heaps of friends. scouts is like a second home. mum is a scout leased lucas and me are scouts and dad is on the bilding comitty
  • my dog died

    my dog died
    i waas really sad. She died in year 2. i miss her heaps and i wish she was still here
  • my aunty got marryed

    my aunty got marryed
    i can remeber waking up really erily to get my hair done and makeup. i was the flower girl.
  • i started tuter

    i started tuter
    fay really helped me with everything and i am so glad i have her. she made my life a hole lot easy.
  • i went to amarica and canada

    i went to amarica and canada
    i loved going to amarica and canadait was so much fun.I went for 7 weeks with my mum, dad, lucas and grandparents. we went to heaps of places . i would love to go agene.
  • i started high school

    i started high school
    high school is so much fun. i have made heaps of friends. i am loving it