Franch history

  • 1. Divided French Society / Financial troubles

    In 1789 France spit in three stats. first class made of Clergy. Second clas made up of nobility. third class poor people. why the poor people pay tax the other states people don't. then with have three years of bad corps tax and dlour went up. people try to say the other two class should pay taxis. when the said no the third classs people had riteat ther was casoe around franch family fally they got there right at the end.
  • parisians storm the bastille

    franch people went on a roit and went to the bastille for gun power. but there was none so the in stade the kill the person in charde relast the prisoner and torn down the prison with the bear hand.
  • louis xvi calls the estates-general

    Franch govermen became bank rupt. people are make broad riot, fearful, taxes, were denouncing royal tyranny the king were geting complace people asking bemaned, people say taxers are boodsuckers. the french people voted the third class people should have more but al way out voted by the other two class. then the third class lock people in a room until they have some rights.
  • 4. rovvolt

    Famine-food shortage. Bread cost 1 mouth wage. The gread faer.- attacks on villages. -Troops took crops. cause-peasnts to revolted stole grain.
  • national assmble act

    cwgt mgg causlst peasunt uprising - storming best ille. pulled an all night meeting. - nobles agreed to give u their own privelages. - manorial dues. - hunting rights. - legul status. - exmpltion from taxes.- feudalism is adolished.
  • women marh versails .

    6000 marched 13 miles in the rain. shouting bread and demant to see the hing/ queen. blamed the gueen b/c she lived extra vagntly. demanded the king / queen return to paris . louis xnt, queen and family spend the next 3 years as prisioner.
  • right of man

    • declared all men were born free and equal proclained male citzens are egual. had right to hold office. freedom on religon. taxes levied according to ability to pay.
  • church

    NA place chuch under state control. many bishop and priests refuse the civie constitution.
  • contiution

    NA comleted it's consitution and new gov. -set up limited monarchy. new leg assembly. make lans conrct taxs. decide on issuses of war and peace.
  • threath come from abroad

    whild the king was still trap by his people the austria made a threatened letter to franch that they were goinh in war. it's was just a bluff but franch took it seriously and got ready.
  • civil war

    the people were in war the people was trying to win the war. but with out a king the emeny try ot make the fraanch weeker with high class solder.
  • monarchy is adolished

    peole of frach dont think they can be free unlast the king die so the king been kill by the new killing musioning the dehaeed people.
  • robespierre and the reign of terror

    franch is in war at first the franch was losing the war then the king and gueen been dehaeded then five people that run franch to help to win the war.
  • third stage of the revolution

    as soon as the king and gueen die five people run franch but they were in war so any one that not seem on there side got dehaeded. until the all five of those men been kill by the death mutioning
  • spread of nationalism

    in the war franch found prie people found out the people that should run are the child in the futher they were making song and the trups march to war with song and pride.