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1.1 Entering Adolescence

  • 1.1 Entering Adolescence

    1.1 Entering Adolescence
    Breast development as the first puberty after first menstruation. growth spurts as my height gained, my hip broadened and my thighs stretched with tiger marks. My hormonal changes pimples appear on my face and sweaty armpits. Egocentrism developed as experiences increased within the processes of my abstract thinking. Decision-making about my sexuality behavior attracted to boys.
  • 2.1 Maturational Timing

    Average maturer. Breast developed first then growth of public hair. Growth spurt started to peak for a while until my menarche begun on time at age 12. I felt like my growth spurt was too quick. Risky behavior as my sexual behavior showed early as lost my virginity at age 13. I started experimenting with marijuana only from peer pressure with friends. Got my first belly pierced at age 13.
  • 6.1- parent adolescent conflict

    Social changes when I begged my mom to let me transfer to Deaf institute to be independent. Stay at dorm do sports & activities after school. It took awhile for her finally accept. My idealism & logic reasoning remained the same in dorm because they have rules of keep my room clean, do homework and have bed time curfew. My mom was a little concerned with me having a boyfriend because my sister got pregnant at age 16 and her addiction to heroin. However I came out fine!
  • 3.1- Social Cognition

    My adolescent egocentrism developed at around 13-15 years. Considered myself as personal fable. Always thought I was alone with my depression. Had some suicidal thoughts. Risky-taking such as early intercourse without protection in serious relationship. I believed these experiences leaded me to improve hypothetical-deductive reasoning and decision making skills. My ability in abstract thinking about relationship with boy was very limited.
  • 3.3 Social Comparsion

    Differentiation between school and family. I noticed myself in two worlds: deaf and hearing world. Self-Consciousness: I had a few close friends where I could express my feelings more than my parents. Possible selves: I could see myself the huge difference between adolescence and emerged adult where my personalities have changed. I wasn't sure with who I was in college then when I got married and have kids, I found myself which was in a good way. I wouldn't change a thing in the world.
  • 4.1 Gender intensification

    Experienced the physical and social changes of my early adolescence as when my puberty began develop. Sexual maturation my estrogen hormones developed. Understood my sexual attitudes and behavior slowly when my gender role become clearly identities as feminine.
  • 7.1 Transition to High School

    Interesting flashback: I was in my last year as mainstreamed at hearing middle school (deaf program) before transferred to high school at Deaf school. Finally felt belonged at deaf school because of diversity of only deaf. I might have felt like the "top dog" only in deaf classes being as oldest and bragged to move to high school.
  • 6.3 Companionship

    I had a friend that always spend time together, go to sport practice together. perform in drama club and travel together. We feel comfortable because we like the same activities and it was so much easier to be with person like that way. We knew each other since kindergarten. so we know each other at our best and worst.
  • 6.2 Intimacy

    2002 was when I first transferred to Deaf institute was hard to find friends to trust. Once I expressed my feelings and they told everyone. So I finally found a friend where I could finally trust with my feelings and support each other. We have similar experiences in common where we understand each other very well.
  • 7.3 Intrinsic Motivation

    My intrinsic motivation was from my deaf teacher. My parents and I have different experiences and cultures. So I felt more connected with my deaf teacher as autonomy-supportive teacher and developed my self determination. I learned to take responsibility when need to be done and involved activities.
  • 2.2- Niche-picking

    Both of my parents were never into sports. I was on swim team for 10 years as my own niche-picking. Until I entered college, I decided to stop swimming and became social butterfly with deaf friends. I was on a swim team with HEARING people. Then I became more interested in drama club (theater) to develop my social life with my culture.
  • 1.2 Emerging Adulthood

    1.2 Emerging Adulthood
    I became more confident with my identity exploration. Became a responsibility person as economic independent; moved out of parents house and got my driver's license. Set my goal plan to attend college. My social physical and emotional development became stability after therapy battling with depression with traumatic car accident.
  • 7.2 Transition to College

    My senior year at high school was the best. I felt more comfortable when older seniors graduated. Gained my self esteem more positively. Once graduated, I was already ready to go to college become more independent. Had opportunities to explore on my own especially in deaf world daily. I loved seeing deaf people around every day lived in my deaf culture for 5 years. I do remember some stress to manage my time with school and friends.
  • 8.1 Rite of Passage

    I don't have any traditions or religious. I graduated from high school at ceremony then moved to college to live on my own at apartment. Learned more with my responsibilities. After graduated from college, I got married and moved to other state then started family.