1.1 Entering Adolescence

Timeline created by Danielle_W_PSY313
  • Childhood to Adolescence

    At this time I was entering high school in California, this is when I started to realized that I was going through puberty getting my periods, boobs started to grow, etc. Also I was obatining more and more responsibility for myself as I was 14 at that time. This is when I started becoming more of a teenager for instance, staying up late than usual, making more variety friends. When I look back on the textbook "Adolescence" on pages 17-18 reading through it remind me it is similar to me.
  • Cont...

    At this year, I was 17 and a senior in high school. I was involved in basketball and other activties as well. This age I was basically independence I had more responsiblie stuff to do. Like pay my own phone bill, pay my own food, etc. Life wasnt easy at that age for me as I had to grow up faster than normal adolescence grow up.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    I had finally became 18 on this particular day! This is when I was becoming an adult. I enter Gallaudet Univeristy later that year as a freshmen. I was beginning my adulthood.
  • Emerging Adulthood Cont..

    Now I am a shoprmore in college. I was 19 and I was capable to make my own independent decisions about my lifestyle, what I choose to do and who I want to hang out with and etc. By this age I had already came out as a lesbian chick with a girlfriend at the time. I was able to learn different ways to think about various of stuff. As the textbook says on page 19-22 " Emerging Adulthood,...are still exploring which career path they want to follow, what they want their identity to be, and..
  • Cont...

    ..which lifestly they want to adopt." (pg.19). At this time span I was emerging my adulthood as I was deciding those things above. I am still exploring my career path and still trying to find my idenity and who I am.
  • Emerging Adutlhood

    As of toady I am 20 years old, and I am still trying to find myself and my career path as I go into my Jr. year of college as of now.