My 6 memories

  • My firts family river´s trip

    One day in the mornig, my aunt and my uncle came to our home to pick us up to a trip, I did not know about the trip, my mom did not say anything the night before. In the car was all my cousins, and when we reached the place, the rest of my family ware there. It was a great day.
  • My high school graduation

    My high school graduation
    A good memory is my high school graduation, It was great because I have been accepted in the Universidad del Cauca, It was the end of a big chapter in my life and the begining of a new one..
  • My Firts HUGE concert

    My Firts HUGE concert
    My firts big concert was also the firts Iron Maiden concert in Colombia. Weeks before, I did not have any money for the show, butone day my uncle came to my room and said to me, what do you do the next febrary 28? and answered, nothing, and he said, well, we will go to see Iron Maiden!!!!!
  • My Engieneer graduation

    My Engieneer graduation
    Tha was a great day, It was the culmination of a huge effort, I shared with my familiy and my friends.
  • My firts academic job

    My firts academic job
    It is very important, because, after I obteined my degree, I did not find any job, with this "desperation" I leave Popayan and I went to work with my dad in a night club. After two years, I finaly had a interview in Univalle in a materials investigation lab and I got the job.
  • Jeronimo´s Birt

    Jeronimo´s Birt
    That was a very stressful day, it started at the 4 AM, and finaly, Jeronimo came to the world at 5 PM, I felt super happy, and my life was fullfith.