year 7 maths lessons

  • nets of cubiods

  • complicated nets

    We learned how to draw nets accuratly with a ruler.
  • homework nets

    Are homework was about nets and we had to make a trophy cabinate 8by 5by 4.I found the visualise bit easy but I didn'T USE A RULER
  • elevations

    The elevations of shapes are the sides plan and front views.You look at each side and try to figure out what they would look like.
  • Reflecting poligons

    L.O.To reflect polygons horizontally,vertically and diagonally in labbled lines of reflection.
  • Enlarging shapes with center of enlargment

    We enlarged shapes from the center point
  • Enlarging shapes with fractions

    We enlarged shapes with fractions.
  • Word making

    We enlarged and cut down shapes.