World Hunger

By 10028
  • Advertising

    We would start to advertise the need for donations to these oraginzations. We would put posters on windows, go to the mall and put fylers on peoples' cars, and even put fylers on peoples' mailboxes.
  • Show

    By the 15th we would have videos and pictures to show people what really is happening.
  • Travel

    We need people to travel to the countries of hunger and get film of people starving. If people see this more people will want to help these poor little children and fellows.
  • Make New

    The travelers would be be here to edit the film and fix the pictures to make slide shows, posters, videos, and even hand out pictures of children starving. We would say that people went there to see what they really need.
  • Donations

    By this day we would hopefully have people donating to certain organizations.
  • Advertise Volunteers

    We need to have volunteers. So here we would strt to advirtise the need for volunteers over the seas to these countries.
  • Volunteers

    Here would send the volunteers over seas to help with the distibute of the food. The volunteers would not need to pay the tickets for the trip.
  • Distribute

    By this date we will want volunteers to help to distribute the food to the children and hungery fellows. This will give the volunteers a chance to get settled. Then the next day they wouyld be distribute the food. Which would be the 3rd.