What functions on these became essential to the creation of your products?

  • Blogger

    When we started our A2 course we was introduced to the source www.blogger.com in which we will be using to produce all of our A2 media coursework on. It is also going to show the follow up to our final plan.
  • Youtube

    When we was given an outline of what we first needed to do, we used www.youtube.com to start analysing pop music videos and the ways in which they diferentiate
  • New Camera's

    New Camera's
    When we filmed things such as our preliminary task and 180 degree rule, we had to use new cameras which wasnt to much of a problem as many of us had our own personal cameras. However we had to be able to figure out how to upload and import them without losing our footage.
  • Prezi

    When we were introduced to different ways in which we could upload our work, we found that prezi appared to demonstrate presentations in a more spectacular way so we decided to incorporate this.
  • Polyvore

    When we was creating things such as Costume List's I used websites such as Polyvore to create collages and was also very easy to access the clothes that we will be incorporating. Also heped us find Kesha's style quite easy.
  • Powerpoint

    Powerpoint was used a couple of times through our process, we used it for things such as questionnaire analysis as it helped represent things in more of a presentation form to make it more interesting for our viewers.
  • Survey Monkey

    Survey Monkey
    We used Survey Monkey in order to upload questionnaire results to using a website made it easier for our target audience to answer and also helped us when publishing onto socil networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Word document

    Word document
    We used Word document frequently throughout our process for things such as the 'Six Frame Analysis' as it made the layour look much neater. I also used it when it came to uploading the storyboard as i could then import the word document onto SlideShare.
  • Voice Recorders

    Voice Recorders
    When it came to filming our Focus Group, to ensure we could hear our audience clearly we had to use voice recorders so that it could pick up everyones voice clearly. Many of us hadn't used these before but once we had figured out how too it became quite simple.
  • iMovie

    When it came to editing our 'Focus Group' we used iMovie as it had a large use of transitions and editing techniques that would help us. We found this quite difficult as we had only used Final Cut Pro however using it quite often made us become familiar with how to use it.
  • Padlet

    When we was gaining audience feedback, we used Padlet as it clearly shows our target audience's responce and also made our Bloggers look quite brightened up as we used bright colours to make it stand out.
  • Green Screen

    Green Screen
    When we began filming our music video we decided to use a green screen as it is very conventional of pop music videos and we wanted to incorporate it into our video. Our teacher had to assist us on setting up the green screen as many ofus had not used it before.
  • Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro
    When it came to the editing stage of our music video, me and my group member Ishpreet Sundal where overwhelmed on how to use Final Cut Pro, however after spending so long using it we figured it was quite simple and easy. There is a large use of transitions and editing techniques which we found and learned how to do different things on it each day.
  • iTunes

    When we was editing our music video, we had to use iTunes in order to download our song Kesha- Crazy Kids as it was then quick and easy to import onto Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop

    We used photoshop when it came to editing things such as our digipack and magazine adverts, we found it very useful as it consisted of a lot of editing techniques which helped fit our star motif.