Vikings Timeline

By 16rf
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Leif Eriksson Goes to America

    Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, discovers North America and travels down the coast.
  • Jan 1, 1002

    Brian Boru Defeats the Norse Vikings and Becomes King

    Brian Boru Defeats the Norse Vikings and Becomes King of all of Ireland
  • Jan 1, 1009

    Chief Olaf Haraldsson Attacks London and knocks down London Bridge

    Chief Olaf Haraldsson Attacks London and knocks down London Bridge
  • Jan 1, 1016

    Olaf Haraldsson Regains Control of all Norway

    Olaf Haraldsson regains control of Norway and we can see Christianity approaching
  • Jan 1, 1018

    Chanute the Great becomes King of England

  • Jan 1, 1028

    Chanute Captures Norway

    Chanute Captures Norway and Olaf Flees, later he attempts to regain it but dies int he battle.
  • Jan 1, 1030

    Over the time, the Vikings have become Christian

  • Ragnar Raids England

    Ragnar Lodbrok leads the first conquest into England and raids a monastery in Lindisfarne
  • Vikings Continue to Raid

    The Vikings realise that England is rich and not protected and continue to raid
  • Vikings Attack Ireland

    Vikings begin to attack Ireland as it is close to England and just as rich.
  • Vikings Attack France

    The Vikings first sail to France and manage to raid it.
  • Oseberg ship is built

    This ship was uncovered in the 90's and gave way to many historical finds on the Vikings
  • Vikings Sail the Thames

    The Vikings use the Thames with their manoeuverable boats to raid England in a new way.
  • Vikings Settle in Ireland

    The Vikings permanentely settle in Ireland under Turgeis,
  • Dublin is Founded

    After Vikings found Ireland they found the capital, Dublin
  • Vikings Repulsed

    The Vikings get repulsed 'properly' for the first time
  • Vikings Attack Paris

    Vikings attack Paris under Ragnar Lodbrok
  • Return to Paris

    The Vikings choose to revisit Paris and raid it again.
  • Vikings Capture an Abbot

    The Abbot of St Denis is captured and ransomed by the Vikings
  • Vikings raid the Mediterranean

    Viings raid the Mediterranean for the first time
  • Vikings in Constantinople

    The Vikings first choose to attack Constantinople, a long way away from their homeland.
  • Novgorod is founded in Russia by the Vikings

  • Ivar the Boneless and the Danes create Jorvik

    The leader Ivar the Boneless of the Vikings and the Danish created Jorvik or Yorke.
  • Alfred the Great

    Alfred the Great becomes the king of Wessex and repulses the Danish and Vikings from attacking for a while.
  • Ivar Dies

    Ivar the Boneless dies and his son takes over and continues attacks on North-Eastern England.
  • Vikings attempt to Capture Paris

    The Vikings send a huge fleet of ships to attack and capture Paris, they fail.
  • Harold (Luva) Fairhair United Norway

    For the first time in Scandinavia Harold Fairhair unites all of Norway under one banner and becomes the mightly king of Scandinavia.
  • Gokstad Ship

    An amazing historical find that advanced our knowledge of the Vikings, the Gokstad ship was built in 890
  • The Irish Regain Dublin

    After many years the Irish retake Dublin and hold it for 15 years.
  • Vikings regain Dublin

    The Irish do what they do best and lose Dublin back to the Vikings
  • King Athelstan and Harold Fairhair sign a treaty

    The two great kings of the Norse sign a treaty and make one humongous kingdom.
  • Harold Fairhair Dies

    Harold Fairhair Dies and his son, Eirik Blood-Axe, struggles to regain control but fails.
  • Eirik Blood-Axe Gains Control of Yorke

    The son of Harald Fairhair takes over Yorke
  • Olaf Crovan Defeats Eirik

    Olaf Crovan attacks Eirik and defeats, Eirik flees.
  • Eirik Blood-Axe Regains Yorke

  • Vikings begin regular attacks on England to Gain Control of It

    Vikings begin regular attacks on England to Gain Control of It
  • Vikings find Greenland and Attack Newfoundland

  • Aethelred Pays 10 000 in Silver to Stop Viking Raid

    Aethelred the Unready is forced to pay 10 000 in silver just to stop the Vikings from attacking and raiding him.
  • Christianity with the Vikings?

    The Viking Leader Olaf Tryggvasson conquers Norway and claims it as a Christian nation
  • Period: to Jan 1, 1075