• smallpox vaccine

    smallpox vaccine
    If the English surgeon Edward Jenner had not infected to the people whit a similar to smallpox virus, the vaccines wouldn’t has created never.
  • Rabies vaccine

    Rabies vaccine
    If Louis Pasteur had not studied the vaccine of smallpox virus, he wouldn’t has invented the Rabies vaccine.
  • diphtheria vaccine

    diphtheria vaccine
    If Roux and Yersin had not discovered the Diphtheria toxin, Behring and Shibasaburo wouldn’t have experienced whit the immunity in the fluids, no in the cells.
  • cholera vaccine

    cholera vaccine
    If Koch had not isolated the the cholera bacillus, Jaime Ferran wouldn’t has developed the vaccine against Koch's bacillus.
  • vaccine for typhoid fever

    vaccine for typhoid fever
    If wright and Pfeiffer had not invented the typhoid fever vaccine, British soldiers wouldn’t have survived in India.
  • tuberculosis vaccine

    tuberculosis vaccine
    If the veterinarian Carrille had not studied the mycobacterium tuberculosis, the BCG wouldn’t has existed.
  • vaccine for tetanus

    vaccine for tetanus
    If Behring had not isolated the tetanus toxin, Gaston and zoeller wouldn’t have saved to the French soldiers.
  • Yellow fever vaccine

    Yellow fever vaccine
    If Sellards and Laigret had not invented the Yellow fever vaccine, millons of people soldiers wouldn’t have been with live.
  • polio vaccine

    polio vaccine
    If Ender Robbins and Weller had not investigated researched polio virus, Jonas Salk wouldn’t has invented the polio vaccine.
  • measles vaccine

    measles vaccine
    If Enders and Peebles had not grown wild measles virus, the measles vaccine wouldn’t has been in the world.
  • vaccine for human papillomavirus

    vaccine for human papillomavirus
    If the vaccine against human papillomavirus had not invented, the women would have been more cancer of cervix.