History of Blood

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    Galen and arteries

    Galen and arteries
    Galen experimented and dissected animals and proved that arteries contain blood along with suggesting a difference between arteries and veins. he created many ideas which were the foundation of many other ideas about blood that were to come.
  • Feb 22, 1250

    pulmonary circulation

    Eminent cario discovers and descrines the flow of blood to and from the lungs
  • THE VALVES IN VEINS drawings

    THE VALVES IN VEINS drawings
    Hieronymus Fabricius in padua publishes his work on the valves in the vein which icluded insight on the structure and location of veins and included drawings
  • william harvey publishes his masterwork

    william harvey  publishes his masterwork
    william harvey publishes "ANATOMICAL TREATISE ON THE MOVEMENT OF THE HEART AND BLOOD IN ANIMALS" which explains the circulation of blood throughout the body and how its pumped by the heart
  • William Hewson's book

    William Hewson's book
    in William Hewson's book EXPERIMENTAL ENQUIRY INTO THE PROPERTIES OF THE BLOOD there were details on on blood coagulation, and the process and formation of blood clotting and details of fibrogen
  • First recorded blood transfusion in animals

    First recorded blood transfusion in animals
    with homemade tools, Richard Lower performs the first recorded blood transfusion in animals. from a dog to another dog.
  • transfusion of lambs blood to human

    transfusion of lambs blood to human
    French physician Jean-Baptiste Denis trafuses lamb blood to a suffering boy and actually working. he also tried this on several other patients still coming with positive feedback
  • description of red blood cells

    description of red blood cells
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek provides a precise description of red blood cells "25,000 times smaller than a fine grain of sand."
  • 1st human to human blood transfusion

    1st human to human blood transfusion
    James Blundell performs the first recorded human to human blood transfusion but the patient dies after showing improvement
  • Platelets

    sir william osler observes/discovers platelets that make up the bulk of clots formed in blood vessles.
  • discovery of the three main human blood groups

    discovery of the three main human blood groups
    Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner discovers 3 main human blood groups A,B and C (leter changed to O) and the relationship between the different types
  • discovery of blood type AB

    discovery of blood type AB
    Alfred von Decastello and Adriano Sturli discover a 4th blood type-AB
  • cross matchimg for blood

    Dr.Ludvig Hektoen recomends cross checkimg. which means checking the blood of the people donating for incomoatibility
  • prevention of blood clotting

    Albert Hustin and luis agote discover that by adding sodium citrate to blood, it will prevent clotting
  • storing blood!

    storing blood!
    francis Peyton Rous and J.R Turner develop a solution for a few weeks. then the blood can still be transfused
  • blood type O

    blood type O
    Dr.Pswald Robertson collects and stores blood type O and established the first blood depot
  • Blood Doner Service

    Blood Doner Service
    Percy Lane Oliver begins a blood doner serbice in his home in london
  • transfusions in hospitals

    transfusions in hospitals
    a group of anesthesiologists in the may clinicwhere the first to begin storing cirated blood and using it for blood transfusions in jospitals in the US
  • "Blood banks"

    "Blood banks"
    in Cook county hospital in chicago, iL, Dr.Bernard Fantus starts a facility to donate blood and a collection amd preservation. "Blood bank"
  • Rh blood group discovered

    Rh blood group discovered
    The Rh blood group was discovered by Drs. Karl Landsteiner and Alexander Weiner through expirements on the rhesus minkey
  • preservation of blopd plasma

    preservation of blopd plasma
    Dr.Charles Drew developed a method to seperate amd preserve blood plasma. became a sucessful substitue for whole blood
  • Civilian blood domer service, NY

    a sergon general of the US army and the Red Cross agree to prganize a cizilian blood doner service to collect blopd plasma for tje was effort
  • transfusion-transmitted hepatitis

    transfusion-transmitted hepatitis
    Dr paul beesondiscovers jaundice is linked to blood transfusions
  • a,erican assosoation of blopd banks

    thw community od blood banks and red cross blood centers joined together to create a national network
  • plastic bag for blood

    plastic bag for blood
    Dr. Carl W. Walter crated a plastic bag ment to store blopd. it being safer and less comtamimaton
  • Hemoglobin structure

    dr. Max Pertuzm discoveres the stricture of heboglobin. the protien that carries oxygen
  • new stronger plasma

    new stronger plasma
    Dr. Kenneth M Brikhous discovers a plasma that has a clotting power of 100x stronger than raw plasma and can be injected by a syrimge
  • identifying infected donors

    Dr.Baruch Blumberg descpvers how to identify imfected donors
  • FDA now regulates blood banks

    elliot ricjardsom transfers responsibility from the DBS to tje FDA
  • GRID(aids)

    first case of GRIDS(gay-related immunodeficiency diseas. later renamed aids
  • GRIDs is blood born

    Dr.Bruce Evatt suspects that the syndrome may be blood borne
  • what is aids?

    Dr Luc Motagnier isolates the virus that causes aids.
  • odentification of the virus that causes aids

    Dr Robert Gallo announces the identifocation of what causes aods
  • first blood screening test

    many americans infected with aids, blood screening tests were adopted by blood banks
  • sensitive test to screen blood

    sonce many americans were infected many other sensitive tests were created in order to check blood for infections