• First Clinical Description

    First Clinical Description
    English physican Michael Underwood provided the fist clinical description of the disease.
  • monograph published of syptoms

    monograph published of syptoms
    Jacob Von Heine published a 78 page monograph which stated that syptoms suggest the involvment of ones spinal cord.
  • First Polio Epidemic to Occur in United States

    First Polio Epidemic to Occur in United States
    The first outbreak happened in Rutland County, Vermont. 132 cases were reported and there were also eighteen deaths. Charles Cavalry noticed that is was a nervous system disease but did not infer that the disease was spread person to person. The “contagious nature would be established later in 1905
  • Discovery that Polio is Contagious

    Discovery that Polio is Contagious
    Ivar Wickman first suggested that polio might be spread person to person. Second, he recognized that people could be present with the disease but it could not be visible.
  • Discovery of Poliovirus

    Discovery of Poliovirus
    In Vienna a MD’s called Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper discovered that the infectious disease was a virus. They both retrieved spinal cord fluid from a person who had died from polio. The filters were known to trap bacteria. The doctors injected a live monkey soon after the monkey developed polio. Both the researchers then concluded that an infectious particle smaller than bacteria caused the disease.
  • Flexar Investigates Polio Immunity

    Flexar Investigates Polio Immunity
    At the Rockefeller institute for Medical research in New York, Simon Flexner, showed that “Germicidal Substances” were present in the blood of monkeys that had survived polio. Other researchers said the exact same thing but found that in humans. These substances were neutralizing antibodies to polio. Researchers used this information to indicate that a vaccine might be used to induce antibody production to fight the virus.
  • New York City Polio Epidemic

    New York City Polio Epidemic
    Health officials announced a polio epidemic centered on Brooklyn, New York. In result, 2000 people would die in New York City alone. Across the U.S. polio took the lives of 6000 people, leaving thousands paralyzed.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt contracts Polio

    Franklin D. Roosevelt contracts Polio
    Franklin D Roosevelt fell into the trap of having the disease polio. He didn’t want to be seen in a wheel chair so he used braces and canes to give the impression that he was walking.
  • Warm Springs Foundation Created

    Warm Springs Foundation Created
    Franklin D. Roosevelt forms Warm Springs Foundation for polio rehabilitation
  • Iron lung created

    Iron lung created
    Iron lung created by Prinker and Shaw
  • 2 types of polio

    2 types of polio
    Discovered that there are two types of polio
  • Filter created

    Filter created that captured virus
  • March of Dimes

    March of Dimes
    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt establishes the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis – a unique partnership of scientists and volunteers – to conquer polio.
    Eddie Cantor creates the first grassroots fund-raiser for the National Foundation, asking the public to send dimes to President Roosevelt at the White House. The effort was called the March of Dimes, which later became part of the official name of the foundation.March of Dimes first research grant goes to Yale University.
  • Polio epidemic in U.S.

    Polio epidemic in U.S.
    The Polio CrusadePolio epidemic became the worst outbreak in national history with a total of 58,000 cases.
  • Salk Vaccine

    Salk Vaccine
    Salk develops vaccine of a killed injectable polio vaccination
  • Salks trials

    Salks trials
    2 million children take place in Salks trials
  • Salk Vaccination

    Salk Vaccination
  • Sabin testing live Vaccine

    Sabin testing live Vaccine
    1958 and 1959 - Field trials prove the Albert Sabin oral vaccine, which uses live, attenuated (weakened) virus, to be effective
  • Sabin Vaccine replaces Salk Vaccine

    Sabin Vaccine replaces Salk Vaccine
    The Salk vaccine is replaced by the Sabin oral vaccine, which is not only superior in terms of ease of administration, but also provides longer-lasting immunization.
  • Last indigenous transmision of polio

    Last indigenous transmision of polio
    Last indigenous transmission of the polio virus that occured in the U.S. Future cases are either vaccinen related or they where imported here.
  • Immunized

    More than 470 m illion children all under the age of 5 are immunized during national immunization day.
  • Large Polio Outbreak

    A large polio outbreak in Angola where 800 cases and 50 deaths occured.
  • Return of Salk's Vaccination to the United States

    Forty-six years after the successful Salk Poliovirus vaccine trials of 1954, concerns about cases polio developing from use of the OPV led to the United States adopting an IPV-only vaccine schedule.
  • Number of polio-endemic countries Dwindles

    Somalia reached a full year without a case of polio, the last case having been reported in October 2002.When the worldwide eradication program began in 1988; more than 125 countries were listed as polio-endemic. By the end of 2003, the diseases had been eradicated in so many countries (including Somalia) that only six remained on the list: Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Niger, Pakistan, and Nigeria.
  • Last known case of Polio reported in the United States

    The last outbreak or case reported. United States has not had any Polio cases since this day.
  • Polio Goal Unmet

    The goal of the Geneva Declaration signed in 2004 would not be met. Polio remained circulating at the end of 2004 in four of the six previously endemic countries. Egypt and Niger, however, would make it through 2005 without a single reported case of indigenous polio, and by January 2006, the list of polio-endemic countries would be down to four.
  • $200M Pledged to Fight Polio

    $200M Pledged to Fight Polio
    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a $100 million grant to Rotary International to combat polio. Rotary International promised to match the grant over a three-year period, for a total of $200 million to be used in the global eradication campaign.
  • Volcanic Eruption Delays Polio Vaccination

    Volcanic Eruption Delays Polio Vaccination
    On April 14, 2010, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted, sending clouds of ash thousands of meters into the sky. Air traffic in Northern Europe was brought to a standstill in response to the ash cloud. Planes remained grounded for days, with travelers and cargo trapped at various airports.
    Among the cargo grounded by the volcanic eruption were 15 million doses of polio vaccine bound for West Africa, prompting fears that delayed immunizations could allow the virus to spread—or that the vacc
  • Polio Vaccination Programs Continue

    Polio Vaccination Programs Continue
    In 2011, the total number of reported cases of wild polio (from both endemic and non-endemic countries) was 647. As of the end of 2011, polio remained endemic in only four countries: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. Additional areas, however, are suspected or known to have re-established transmission of poliovirus after seeming elimination (Angola, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sudan). Others remain at risk for imported cases. These include China, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Gab
  • Syria Announces Polio Outbreak

    Syria Announces Polio Outbreak
    Syria Announces Polio Outbreak