Unit 1 exploration

  • Jan 1, 1494


    The treaty of Tordesillas was signed.
  • Jan 1, 1524


    Giovanni da Verrrazzano discovered the New York karbor.
  • 1600's

    Europe colonized the caribbeans. The freanch control Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Then the english settles to Jamaiaca and Barbados.
  • 1606

    A company of london investors founded a colony in North America.
  • In the late 1606's

    The company of london had 3 ships amd depart land.
  • 1607

    Found Land and claim it. Then named it jamestown.
  • 1608

    Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec.
  • 1609

    Henry Hudson founded the Hudson Bay, Hudson River and the Hudson Strait.
  • 1616

    Diseases began to spread along the New england side with the Native Americans.
  • 1620

    Group named the pilgrims founded plymouth.
  • 1621

    Dutch holding in North America was called the Netherlands.
  • 1622

    Powhatan tribe attacked Jamestown and killed 350 settlers.
  • 1631

    Population of one tribe population have decrease drop by 24,000 to 750.
  • 1634

    The dutch capture the Netherlands antilles and Aruba from spain.
  • 1644

    The english king, Charles II granted premission to drive out the dutch. So they claim New York.
  • 1675

    Native Americans ruler Metacom attacks colonized town and led to massacred to both sides.
  • In the early 1700's

    Sieur de la Salle explored the lower mississippi and founded louisiana.
  • 1750

    About 1.2 million settlers were living in the 13 colonies.
  • 1754

    The was a dispute of the land claiming of ohio valley so that led to the war on North America.
  • 1760

    European population of New France have grown to 65,000.