tuk tuk timeline

By Tuk tuk
  • Jan

    In 2003 Jan was born in Canada. He allwais has been interested on the environment. He is really into caring of our planet. One day one of his friends invite him to a concert of backstreet boys and he started to interest in music since that day.
  • Anorak

    In 2003 Anorak was born in Raipur. His parents allwais have suported him with the idea of having a band and sing for the world.
  • Vinyet

    in 2004 Vinyet was born in Catalunya. she comes from a family that is relly into environment, her father is a musician so she also loves music.
  • Èlia

    in 2005 Èlia was born in Catalunya a sunny day. She have been interested in music since she was 3 years old and at age of 14 she started sowing interest on the environment.
  • When we met

    When we met
    We met in a protest for the environment in 2020. there were a lot of pepole there and it was a sunny day. We were all so nervous but when we met we inmediatly relax and have fun toguether
  • Deccided to create a band

    Deccided to create a band
    In 2022 Anorak asked us if we wanted to create a band
    together, we think about it but at the end we decided to do it and hear we are
  • And here we are

    Now a days we still growing as a band together. We have continued creating songs and going all arownd the world.