To kill a mockingbird 4

To Kill A Mockingbird Event Timeline

  • We learn the backstory of the town and meet all the Characters

    We learn the backstory of the town and meet all the Characters
    To start off the Important Events, we learn the characters of Jean (Scout), Jem, Atticus, and Dill along with their personalities and attitudes. These Characters live in a Southern town of Maycomb, Alabama. The kids are curious of the story of Boo Radley, which intrigues them greatly throughtout the whole book.
  • Scout Goes to School.

    Scout Goes to School.
    Summer is over and Scout goes to school. Along with Dill leaving Maycomb. Her teacher in school is Ms. Caroline, A teacher who is new to the Maycomb Culture. School is fairly easy for scout since she already knows how to read but Ms. Caroline yells at her for knowing because she needs to teach it to them herself.
  • Scout Discovers a Tree Which Holds Many Gifts.

    Scout Discovers a Tree Which Holds Many Gifts.
    On the Radly lot, Scout finds a tree which held pieces of gum, she eats them and tells Jem, whom gets very mad about her actions. Everything from the Radley lot is bad for you is his explanation. Jem and Scout later find more gifts in the tree, such as pennies.
  • Scout Meets Miss Maudie.

    Scout Meets Miss Maudie.
    Scout gets to know Miss Maudie because Dill and Jem ignore her. Miss Maudie is a nice lady who can cook and garden. Scout soon finds out that Jem and Dill ignoring her was there planning of leaving a note by the Radley Home. Atticus tells them to stop messing with other people's business.
  • Dill and Jem keep their Curiosity.

    Dill and Jem keep their Curiosity.
    Even after Atticus' order to not mess with the Radleys, the kids continue and plan to sneak a peek into the Radley Windows. The kids sneak through the back fence and peek. A shadow spooked them away that was in the house. While running Jem got stuck on a fence and was forced to leave his pants behind.
  • After The Incident.

    After The Incident.
    After the last Event, life went back to normal for the kids, Scout moved up to the Second grade with Jem along with Dill leaving Maycomb after summer. As Jem and Scout walk home, they take the items from the Radley Tree like before. The items in order were a Twine ball, soap, gum, a medal, and a broken pocket watch. Scout and Jem decide to leave a note to figure out who left this stuff. Then, Jem and Scout catch Mr. Nathan who was filling the 'dying' tree up. This cut the communication to Boo.
  • Miss Maudie's House Burns Down.

    Miss Maudie's House Burns Down.
    On a winter night, Atticus wakes the kids up, alerting them to a fire at Miss Maudie's home. The town helps to cool the fire, but the home is too ruined. Jem confessess to Atticus about the knothole in the tree and all the items. Atticus says it may be Boo Radley.
  • Jem and Scout find Atticus' weak spot.

    Jem and Scout find Atticus' weak spot.
    The kids father, Atticus, did not particpate with the kids at all. Atticus did not like to play football, or teach the kids shooting like a normal dad. Then, Jem and Scout saw Mr. Harry Johnson's dog acting strange. Scared, the kids tell Calpurnia who calls Heck Tate, the town Sheriff, and tells about a 'mad' dog. As the dog approached them, Tate tells Atticus to shoot the dog. Atticus shot the dog with accuracy and we find Atticus is a good shot just hiding his talent.
  • Jem and Scout Meet Miss Dubose.

    Jem and Scout Meet Miss Dubose.
    As Jem and Scout return from down-town, they pass Mrs. Dubose's home. Miss Dubose yells at the kids about their father because Atticus is defending a Black man in a case. Jem gets upset by her rude words and proceeds to smashes Mrs. Duboses Camellias. Jem is punished by Atticus and has to read to Miss Dubose every day for a month. A few days after Jems release, Mrs. Dubose dies, finding out she was a morphine addict and Jem's reading helped her illness.
  • Scout and Jem Fight, Dill arrives.

    Scout and Jem Fight, Dill arrives.
    After Scout being rude to Aunt Alexandra because Scout wasnt able to go to Calpurnia's church, Atticus makes her apologize to Aunt Alexandra. That night, Jem lectures Scout about angering people, and then Scout fights him. Atticus comes upstairs to break up the fight and sends them to bed. Scout then finds Dill under her bed who ran away from his new uncaring father. Dill is cared for by the Finches after Atticus finding out.
  • Scout Saves Atticus At the Jail.

    Scout Saves Atticus At the Jail.
    Atticus left the home in his car, which was weird as he walked alot. Dill, Jem and Scout decide to follow atticus. They find him at the Maycomb Count Jail. After some time cars pull up on Atticus and a large mob confronts Atticus. Scared for her father, Scout runs to Atticus and peers into the mob. Scout notices Mr. Cunningham and talks to him. Scout's innocence to Mr. Cunningham makes him call his mob off Atticus.
  • The Trial of Tom Robinson.

    The Trial of Tom Robinson.
    It seems like everyong in Maycomb went to this trial. The trial was a Rape accusement on Tom Robinson again Mayella Ewell. Scout, Jem and Dill sneak into the Courtroom and up to the black balcony to watch the Trial and to see their father. Judge Taylor is running the case. Tom Robinson Ends up Guilty because of racism in the jury, Atticus was courageous to defend this falsely accused black man, but the time peroid prevented the equality in the courts.