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Percy jackson and the Sea of Monsters

By wall-e
  • dodgeball

    Percy and his friend that other people think is a freak are about to go to gym. His coach promised a game of dodge ball with the other kids and Percy and Tyson (his freak friend). All the wimpy kids got on one side and the gang was on the other. Right when the dodge balls flew on to the court all the kids on my side quivered in fear and hid behind anything they could see. Tyson said something smelled funny, suddenly Percy looked over and the other team was growing ferociously and getting all
  • percys favorite teacher is fired

    percys favorite teacher is fired
    when the minotaurs are finally destroyed everyone go's in except tyson because he is not a half blood and chiron commands zeus to let him in and now they figured out that tyson is a cyclops and thats why he survived through the minotaur fire. well anyways everybody is preparing like its a war but what realy happened is that thalias' tree has been poisenedand zeus blamed chiron for doing it so long story short chiron is fired.
  • annabeth comes to the rescue

    annabeth comes to the rescue
    joe bob the lead monster finally caught tyson off guard and pounded him in the chest with a celestial bronze dodgeball.and percy,without tyson would be monster lunch.he noticed that the locker room was behind him which had his jeans which had riptide he ran to it but joe bob beat him to it and knocked percy to the ground and percy was helpless .the building was on fire and noboy could see,but right when joe was about to strike annabeth stabbed joe bob and he vannished in to thin air.
  • taxi of torment

    taxi of torment
    annabeth,tyson and percy ran away from the gym (because there were cops), and ran to a alley. Annabeth threw a golden drachea in the road and it sunk into the road. A gray almost invisible taxi formed with tree old ladys in the front . the kids got in and shut the door. Suddenly the lady in the driver seatstomped on the pedal and the taxi went flying down the roadand they wouldn't stop. they started bickering about they want the eye, they want the tooth. its wier that all three of them have one
  • minotaurS

    after we got dropped off at camp half-blood hill we noticed that there was a battle going on at the top of the hill lots of warriors getting smashed and beaten but clarrise was the hero up there she was getting the minotaurs at anyplace she could. percy annabeth and tyson ran up there andhelped fight.percy tried to slice but the minotaur spunn and pushed him down. then tyson said BAD COW!!!!! and pushed the minotaur down ,and the minotaur blasted tyson with fire...oh incase you dont know tysonis
  • person who goes on the journey is....

    person who goes on the journey is....
    during the chariotrace all these birds started apearing in the trees and eventually attacked all the people in the crowd and the chariots so percy and annabeth went into chirons old room and got his radio and put the worst cd in it and blared the thing out side and all the birds flew away. at night they all got around the camp fire and was arguing about who they thought was the one who poisened the tree. the new camp director announced that he was going to pick the one who will go on the journe
  • percys wierd dream

    percys wierd dream
    when percys asleep he has a dream and somehow grover can talk to percy in his dreams. it was about how grover was in the sea of monsters and he was about to have to marry a cyclops that thought grover was a cyclops and percy had to rescue grover and the golden fleece which was the only thing that could save thalias tree.
  • the chariot race

    the chariot race
    after percy woke up there was going to be a chariot race and percy and annabeth chose to work together since posieden invinted the horse and athena invinted the chariot. well anyways annabeth was judging tyson by all cyclops because they just found out that tyson is a cyclops but he is a nice one. percy got mad about what annabeth said about tyson so annabth was surprised by his reaction and she dumped working with percy so percy ended up working with tyson. the chariot race was a disaster...
  • Hermes comes

    when percy and annabeth are very disapionted because they couldnt go on the journey they try to think of a plan to leave. percy and tyson go back to their cabin and tyson falls asleep and percy is still awake but suddenly there was a man running slowly into our cabin and he had flying shoes on. the man said he is hermes and he was going to help me togo on this quest...
  • the journey

    The sea of monsters is filled with suspense ,action, and friendship and i highly recommend all of you to read this book. Will percy, annabeth, and tyson run into to clarrise? will they safley retrieve the golden fleece and grover from the cannible cyclops? will they get across the sea of monsters safley? And will they get bac to camp half-blood in time to save thalia? all these questions and to answer them read this book and retrieve these answers to this amazing journey.