To kill

To Kill a Mockingbird

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    Too Kill a Mockingbird

    This is the timespan of when the book took place
  • Dill visits Maycomb

    Dill visits Maycomb
    Dill first visits Maycomb and is intorduced as a character. Scout and Jem enjoy playing with him despite the fact that they joke around about his size, and are happy to learn he will visit every summer. This is important because he becomes a main character for the rest of the book.
  • Scout returns to school and Dill is gone

    Scout returns to school and Dill is gone
    Dill has returned after spending the Summer with Aunt Rachel, and Scout has to go to her first day of school. Scout learns that she utterly hates it and is punished by her teacher Miss Coraline Fischer for knowing how to read and write, because she felt as if she has nothing to teach now but simply said she's doing it wrong as an exuse. At home she begs Atticus to let her stay home tommorow, but he doesn't give in.
  • Scout, Jem, and Dill almost get caught at the Radley's

    Scout, Jem, and Dill almost get caught at the Radley's
    Scout, Jem, and Dill try to sneak to the Radley's place at night and give a letter to Aurthur Radley. However Scout sees Aurthur and the three of them run. In the process a shotgun is fired into the ari scaring the three of them and Jem loses his pants. On the spot, he had to make an excuse he was playing strip poker to avoid even more trouble. WHen he went back, they were strangely folded and sewn. This shows the characters are growing up and becoming less supersticous also.
  • Items are found in the knothole

    Items are found in the knothole
    On her way home from school Scout discovers that the knothole of the old oak tree has something in it. She is at first curious and disregards that it is on the Radeley place and takes it home but Jem gets mad at her. She chews it anyways and says it didn't kill her, not making Gem any happier. They find more and more items until it is filled in with cement after placing a note.
  • Tom Robinson is Arrested

    Tom Robinson is Arrested
    Tom Robinson is arrested, which sparks the main plotline of the book. Sometime during the winter Atticus is appointed to the case which starts the name calling and racism towards Atticus and his family. Scout and JEem are finally exposed to the real world and prejudice of Maycomb.
  • Jem Destroys Mrs. Duboises Flowers

    Jem Destroys Mrs. Duboises Flowers
    Jem and Scout have had to deal with insults from her all the time, but when she brings Atticus into it, JEm cna't tkae it. He goes in a rage destroying her flowers and is promptly punished by Atticus. He then proceeds to read to her with Scout, and do not realize she is breaking off of morphine at the same time. This shows that tensions are rising in Maycomb over the court case and the climax is to come, and shows Jem is highly defensive of his father.
  • Aunt Alexandra Arirves

    Aunt Alexandra Arirves
    After coming home form church with Calpurnia, Scout and Jem arrive home to meet Aunt Alexandria. She is there to teach Scout how to behave and act like a woman while trying to teach Jem some proper etiquette. Scout tries to resist the change of growing up or undergoing social change and stay like herself.
  • Atticus Approached by Lynch Mob

    Atticus Approached by Lynch Mob
    While spending the night out at the jailcell with Tom, Atticus is approached by a mob of people. Scout, DIll, and Jem are hiding behind a bush watching this all unfold. While Atticus is simply trying to talk things out with the mob, Scout think she recognizes the people and runs out to greet them. Realizing they're strangers, she tries to talk to them kindly as she has no idea what is goin on, and only the innocence of a child halts the mob. Atticus brings them home afterwards.
  • The Trial

    The Trial
    Atticus tries to defend Tom from his persecutors and puts up an outstanding case for his innocence and provides evidence ofr doubting Mayella's story. Scout, Jem, and Dill are watching this, and seeing the predjudice of Maycomb unfold before them. Dill actually leaves for a small amount of time because he is sickened by Horace Gilmers testimony, wondering how someone can hate a fellow human being so much. After Tom is said to be guilty by the jury, all three of them are surprised.
  • Bob Ewell is Killed

    Bob Ewell is Killed
    Scout and Jem are walking home from a Halloween pagaent, but Jem keeeps thinking he is hearing somoene follow them. As they start running Bob Ewell attempted to stab Scout but thankfully she was still wearing her ham costume which saved her. Jem peushed Bob off and Scout ran to safety where she heard a scuffle and turned to see Arthur carrying Jem home. Scout was scared tha Jem was injured badly, but he wasn't, and found out Bob died, concluding the book shortly after.