To Kill a Mocking Bird

  • The Radley Tree

    The Radley Tree
    Jem and Scout find objects what is believed to have been placed by Boo Radley into the hole of a tree in the Radley's yard. Things found in the tree by Jem and Scout was gum, string, dolls that looked like them, and coins. Afterwards Mr. Radley filled the hole with cement. His reasoning was because the tree was dying, even though it was in good shape.
  • Jem's pants

    Jem's pants
    Dill, Jem, and Scout decide to go take a peek into the Radley house to see Boo.Mr. Radley came outside with the shot gun and the kids ran. When escaping the yard Jem got his pants caught on the fence and ripped, he had to take them completely off. When Jem went back for his pants he found them sewn and folded on the fence. He knew it was Boo and realised he was in the wrong for treating Boo like a circus animal and not a person. This helped him mature and become more like his dad.
  • Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson, a mad dog, was walking around the streets of Maycomb. Atticus had to to shoot him or Tim Johnson would have hurt someone. Atticus didn't want to shoot him. Atticus shooting the dog revealed to Jem and Scout that he has the deadest shot in Maycomb and what kind of person Atticus is. This reveals what kind of person he is because when he could be walking around like he is all bad and threatning he instead is good hearted and caring.
  • Dubose

    Jem cut up Mrs. Dubose's flowers due to the way she was talking about Atticus. She had Jem read to her everyday as punishment and Atticus made him because even though she was not acting right he still should have been. Jem went to her house everyday to read until she died. Little did they know she was dying because of an illness.
  • Trial

    Atticus agreed to defend Tom Robinson. He chose to do this because he knew it was the right thing to do. He says if he didn't he couldn't tell Scout and Jem what to do because that would make him a hypocrite. It would make him a hypocrite because he taught his kids not to judge others because of peoples' skin color and there for, he could not say he would not defend Tom due to skin color.
  • Mr. Raymond's drink

    Mr. Raymond's drink
    Dill drank Mr. Raymond's drink and discovered it to be soda and not alcohol. Mr. Raymond made it out to be alcohol because he married a black woman. He wanted to make it seem that because he is a drunk he married a black woman and had kids. This shows Dill, Jem, and Scout how much racism there is because it revealed how socially unexceptable it is for a white man and a black woman to actually love each other and want to have kids.
  • Tom Robinson's verdict

    Tom Robinson's verdict
    Tom was declared guilty of raping Mayella Ewell, even though there was plenty of evidence of his innocence. The jury took a few hours to decide. This is not a walk on the moon, but a baby step towards change. Before this a black man's word was not taken over a white man's word. If they did this then that would mean they were in the wrong for treating blacks unfair and trialing them unequally. If Tom was said to be innocent that would mean change would come and they were not ready for that.
  • Tom Robinson's death

    Tom Robinson's death
    Tom was shot when escaping jail. He was headed back home to see family and friends. what remains a mystery is whether Tom was shot by someone knowing it was him or was shot because he was saw as a man escaping jail.
  • Jem and Scout were attacked

    Jem and Scout were attacked
    Mr. Ewell knew how bad he looked in court and he blamed it on Atticus instead of his own actions. Mr. Ewell threatned Atticus he would get him back if it was the last thing he did. Little did Atticus know that Mr. Ewell would go after his kids and not himself. On the night of the Halloween contest Jem and scout were attacked by Mr. Ewell. Boo saves them by stabbing Mr. Ewell.
  • Scout meets Arthur

    Scout meets Arthur
    Before, Scout imagined how she would first meet Boo. She practiced the meeting in her head repeatedly. When she actually does meet him she adresses him as Boo but was corrected by Atticus, "It's Arthur". Scout then proceeds to walk "Arthur" home but never sees him again afterwards.