Pip and anna

Life Map-Anna Griffiths and Pip

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    Pip's Life

    This timeline is based on Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. Pip is the main character.
  • Pip meets the Convict

    Pip meets the Convict
    While Pip is in the graveyard looking at his parents tombstones, he is approached by a "fearful man, all in course grey, with a great iron on his leg. A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied round his head." (Chapter 1, Page 4) The convict threatens to kill Pip unless he brings him wittles (food) and a file. So Pip, in sheer terror, brings the Convict Pork Pie, Brandy and a file to iron off his leg.
  • Pip meets Miss Havisham and Estella

    Pip meets Miss Havisham and  Estella
    Pumblechook talked to PIp about his plans for him to meet Miss Havisham and Estella at the Satis House. Pumblechook and Joe hope that Miss Havisham turns out to be Pip's benefactor. Pip goes over to play and learns that Miss Havisham is an eccentric older lady stuck in her past. He also develops a crush on Estella, though his feelings are unrequitted. Estella treats him like the dirt on her shoe. Pip doesn't know, however, that she has been taught by Miss Havisham to break his heart.
  • Pip moves to London

    Pip moves to London
    At age 19, Pip is brought to London to learn how to become a gentlemen. There he meets Herbert Pocket, Jaggers, a lawyer, and Wemmick, Jagger's clerk. Pip's benefactor who is supplying him with his fortune, wishes to remain unknown.
  • Pip Learns Who his Benefactor is

    Pip Learns Who his Benefactor is
    Pip is surprised to learn that Miss Havisham is not his benefactor and that he isn't supposed to marry Estella. He learns that the convict that he met in the graveyard is his secret benefactor. He learns this information from the convict himself, who reveals that his real name is Abel Magwitch.
  • Pip helps Magwitch escape

    Pip helps Magwitch escape
    Pip goes to Clara's house which is where Magwitch is staying. Pip and Herbert work on planning how to help Magwitch escape. (At this point in time, Pip and Magwitch are good friends.) Pip buys a rowboat. He also considers staying with Magwitch when he escapes.
  • Orlick Attempts to Kill Pip

    Orlick Attempts to Kill Pip
    Pip receives an anonymous note telling him to come to the marshes. He goes and is confronted by Orlick. He accuses him of getting in the way of his love, he confesses to killing Mrs. Joe and then he takes a swig of liquor and charges Pip with a stone hammer. Luckily, Herbert had seen the note and followed PIp into the marshes, so he and a group of men were able to save Pip but Orlick got away.
  • Pip saves Miss Havisham

    Pip saves Miss Havisham
    Miss Havisham feels very guilty for playing with Pip's heart, so Pip came to visit her. He acts very kindly but goes to take a walk in the garden. He thinks about Miss Havisham dying and then turms around to see the Satis House engulfed in flames. He rushes in to save Miss Havisham, using a table cloth to put out the flames. She lives but is forced to spend the rest of her life as an invalid. Pip stays with her a little while after the doctor leaves. Miss Havisham is taken care of by servants.
  • Anna is Born

    Anna is Born
    I was born in Seattle, Washington in The Swedish Hospital. I am the first born. I moved a lot when I was a baby but I primarily lived in West Seattle in an apartment on Alki Beach. My best friend lived in the apartment next door to us. We used to play in the ocean a lot. And even though I moved again, this time to Kent, Washington, we still kept in contact.
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    Anna's Life

    This Timeline is about me, Anna Marie Griffiths's life. It documents my life through significant events that have occurred throughout my 15 years of life.
  • I meet John Stamos

    I meet John Stamos
    My family went to a costume party hosted by Project Cuddle, an organization that helps save abandoned babies. I was excited because I was going to be able to meet John Stamos from my favorite TV Show Full House. And while we were eating dinner, we got to hear his band play, It was so much fun.
  • I Begin Ice Skating

    I Begin Ice Skating
    I began taking ice skating lessons with my best friend Amy Lam in second grade at Disney Ice Rink. We took beginning lessons there and then took another beginning class and level 1 at KHS Ice Arena. We had so much fun and made lots of new friends. We took lessons until November 8, 2006.
  • I got my Ears Pierced

    I got my Ears Pierced
    I went to Mainplace Mall with my friend, Claire. We had decided that we wanted to get our ears pierced together. So we went to the store Claire's to make it happen. I was so scared so Claire went first. I freaked out at first but it ended up not hurting at all. I got little pink flower earrings. I still have them to this day.
  • I Go to Medieval Times

    I Go to Medieval Times
    I had the opportunity to watch Midieval Times with my family and our friends, Macy, Connor and Kari Hoefer. We were on rooting for the white knight. They served us chicken, soup and dessert for dinner and it was delicious. What made this night special though was that the White Knight gave me a cardinal. It was a very pretty yellow yellow. I had so much fun.
  • Homecoming at Oxford

    Homecoming at Oxford
    I stayed after school with my friends Jhorna, Erica and Megan. We walked around and ate at the Taco Truck that had come. We met a lot of new friends, Lawrence, Evan, Connor, Annie, Jose, and Michelle. We told lots of stories and laughed a lot. We later went in the gym to watch the basketball games. We lost but it was fun because I love basketball. My friends and I were at school from 7:45 am to 10:00 pm that day. It was an amazing day.
  • Meeting Cast of West Side Story

    Meeting Cast of West Side Story
    My friends and I went to meet five members of the original cast of the movie West Side Story at Barnes and Noble. We met the actors and actresses who played Graziella, Velma, Snowboy, Joyboy and Teresita. It was so much fun. I got to have one on one conversations with them and talk about my involvement in Choir. It was really exciting to be able to talk with the people who played a part in one of my favorite movies. It was such a treat.