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Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordon

  • Percy's Dream

    Perc;y Jackson has a dream where he sees Grover running from the Cyclops, Polyphemus. At the end of the dream, Percy hears Polyphemus' voice as the dream starts to fade out.
  • Dodgeball Match

    At Meriwether College Prep, Percy is stuck playing a game of dodgeball with his friend, Tyson. The seventh graders these two were meant to face, turned out to be Laistrygonian Giants who tried to kill both of them with explosive dodgeballs. However, Tyson saves Percy somehow not being affected by the dodgeballs. Annabeth comes by to finish off the giants saving Percy and Tyson, bringing them back to Camp Half-Blood.
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    Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters Timespan

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  • Back to Camp

    Upon returning to camp, the three demigods find that Camp Halfblood is being attacked by two bulls summoned by Hephaestus. Also, the three find out that Thalia's Tree (which protects the camp from attacks) has been poisoned, thereby, making it ineffective. A majority of people from the camp believe that Chiron, son of Kronos, has poisoned it. He is fired from his job at the camp. After the bulls are dealt with, people find out that Tyson is the cyclops son of Poseidon, making him Percy's brother
  • Cont.

    Annabeth, Tyson and Percy all board the Princess Andromeda, find an empty room, and sleep there for the night
  • The Quest begins

    After Percy tells Annabeth of his dream of Grover (that was possible through empathy link), the two procede to ask camp officials if they may go on a quest to save Grover and save the camp, via the Golden Fleece. Percy takes a walk byt he beach to clear his head and along the walk he encounters Hermes, who tells Percy he should go on the quest to save Grover and retrieve the Golden Fleece, as well as, giving Percy survival equipment for his quest. Percy calls Tyson and Annabeth and they begin.
  • The Escape

    In the morning, the three wake up to Luke, the antagonist, capture and explaining his play to help Kronos overthrow Olympus. However, the three escape thanks to the help from Hermes, giving them his ship and allowing them to escape. After hitting land, Percy ask Tyson to go find some doughnuts for them to eat so, Annabeth can explain her past. Surprisingly enough, Tyson finds a doughnut shop that contains the Hydra, a mythological force that nearly kills them, before they are saved by Clarisse.
  • Clarisse's Role

    Clarisse, the daughter of Ares, saves the three adventurers from the Hydra. She was also sent on the quest to obtain the Golden Fleece after the three left to find it and Grover.
  • Sea of Monsters

    The four advernturers eventually stubble upon the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Sea of Monsters. The ship starts to malfunction as they approach Scylla and Charybdis. Tyson volunteers to repair as soon as Percy is grabbed by Scylla and he blackouts. When Percy wakes, he is in a small raft with Annabeth. She explains that she was able to save Percy with the multivitiams and she has not seen Clarisse or Tyson since the explosion (the ship exploded).
  • The Sirens

    As they are about to pass the Sirens, Annabeth admits that she has always wanted to hear them sing, as their singing makes the listener realize they true desires. Percy agrees to tie her to the mast so she can hear the music while Percy fills his ears with wax. At first the plan works, but Annabeth quickly cuts the ropes that holds her to the mast so she can get closer. Thankfully, Percy stops her, as she nearly jumps off the boat.
  • Polyphemus

    Polyphemus kidnapped Grover as he believed he was a female cyclops wanted to marry him. However, Percy and Annabeth defeat the cyclops along with help from Tyson and Clarisse who appartently, survive the explosion. They free Grover, take the Golden Fleece, and return to Miama, FL. They send Clarisse back to camp with the Golden Fleece.
  • The End

    Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover are once again captured by Luke. However, Percy is able to contact the camp and tricks Luke into saying he poisoned the tree. Chiron is rehired and saves Percy, along with the others. The tree is restored to full health and even revives Thalia, the deceased daughter of Zeus.