• Dill Returns to Maycomb

    Dill Returns to Maycomb
    Dill returns home after spending the summer with Scout and Jem. Scout is starting 1st grade, Over summer, Dill, Scout, and Jem start investigating the Radley place to try to get Boo out of his house.
  • Jem and Scout Start Finding Items in the Radley Tree

    Jem and Scout Start Finding Items in the Radley Tree
    Jem and Scout first find 2 pieces gum in the Radley Tree. Soon after, they find two pollished pennies in the tree. Jem and Scout aren't sure why the items were in the tree but they ended up taking both items home.
  • Shots Fired

    Dill returns to Maycomb county for the Summer. Dill, Jem, and Scout want to see Boo Radley. They go up to his house in the evening and try to look in the window of the Radley place. The kids see a shadow on the porch and try to run away. Jem's pants get stuck going through the fence and Nathan Radley shoots his shotgun at Jem. Jem gets free from his pants and runs home quickly with Scout and Dill.
  • More Items in the Radley Tree

    Scout is now in second grade. Jem and scout are walking by the tree again on their way to school and more items start appearing in the tree. They find soap carvings of themselves, a spelling metal, a pocket watch, chain, and a knife. The next day, the tree was filled with concrete by Nathan Radley.
  • Tom Robinson Arrested

    Tom Robinson was arrested by Heck Tate, the sheriff. Bob Ewell accused Tom of raping Mayala Ewell, his daughter.
  • Miss Maudie's House

    Miss Maudie's House
    Miss Maudie's house is burnt down on a cold winter night. The fire place was running and the fire spread out of the fire place and started the fire in the house. Jem and Scout move away from the fire and their house to keep safe. They stood close to the Radley's house. Boo came out and wraped a blanket around Scout to keep warm until the fire is taken care of. Only Jem saw Boo and he thanked him.
  • Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson is a rabid dog who got rabies. Atticus, Scout and Jem's dad, the one who is taking Tom Robinson's case, shot the dog to prevent any spread of infection. This memory follows Scout for the rest of the book. Tim Johnson kind of represent Tom Robinson but in a smaller example.
  • Jem and Mrs. Dubose

    Jem and Mrs. Dubose
    Mrs. Dubose bad mouthed Jem's father, Atticus, for defending a black male. Jem had had it with the name calling. He lost it and destroyed Mrs. Dubose's camellias. Atticus made Jem make it up to her by reading to her and doing other things for her. Once Jem's punishment had stopped, a few months later, Mrs. Dubose passed away.
  • Lynch Mob

    A lynch mob shows up at the county jail to kill Tom Robinson but Atticus is there expecting them. The lynch mob probably would have hurt Atticus too but Scout, Jem, and Dill show up, Scout makes small talk with the mob and the eventually see that they shouldn't hurt Atticus and leave the jail. Scout doesn't realize it but she saved Tom and Atticus' lives.
  • The Trial

    The Trial
    Scout, Jem, and Dill sit in the balcony of the court house during the case without permission from Atticus. During the trial, Scout and Dill step out to take a minute and meet Dolphus Raymond who drinks from a sack. Everybody thought it was alcohol because Dolphus married a black woman. It was really jus Coke. That shows how racisits the society is during this time. The trial ended with Tom Robinson guilty although most knew he wasn't. The jury did take a long time to decide the verdict.
  • Tom Robinson Dead

    Tom Robinson tried to escape jail and was shot many times. He had no chance of surviving. He was an innocent man who just wanted to see his family. He didn't deserve to be in jail but the society put him there. He was scared, he was out of options and didn't know what to do. He wanted out.
  • The Attack

    Bob Ewell, the father who accused Tom Robinson of rape. Bob Ewell was humilliated in court and was now jobless. Nobody really liked him. Scout and Jem were on the way home from a Halloween pagent at school when Bob attacked them. He wanted to get back at Atticus for humiliation. Boo ended up saving Jem and Scout from the attack. Boo ended up stabbing Bob and saving the kids. Later that night, Scout walked Boo back home after Jem was stable at home.