Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley.

  • Lord Byron was born

  • Percy Shelley was born.

  • Mary Shelley is born.

    Shelley is the only child of the feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft.
  • Lord Byron Goes to Cambridge

  • Lord Byron's first book of poetry is published.

    It is called Fugitive Pieces.
  • Mary Shelley's first poem is published.

    Shelley's first poem, Mounseer Nongtongpaw, is published.
  • Percy Shelley enrolls in Oxford.

    At university, Shelley rarely attends class and ignores his studies.
  • Percy is expelled from Oxford.

    He is expelled from university after he publishes his paper "The Necessity of Atheism."
  • Percy is married to Harriet Westbrook.

    Percy runs away to Scotland, with 16 year old, Harriet Westbrook.
  • Byron appears before the House of Lords.

    There he gives his first speech as a member of Parliament.
  • Percy publishs his poem Queen Mab.

    Queen Mab is about Shelley's political views.
  • Mary Shelley meets Percy.

    Mary meets Percy Bysshe Shelley, who is an young poet and has an interest in her father, who works as as the owner of a press.
  • Mary and Percy elope.

    The already married, Percy Shelly and then Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, run away to Europe, with her sister Claire Clairmont.
  • Mary gives birth to her and Percy's first daughter.

    The Shelley's first daughter, named Clara, is two months premature and died only a few weeks after she was born.
  • The Shelley's have their second child.

    Mary gives birth to her and Percy's second child, William.
  • Byron sails to Europe

    He travels to Europe to escape accusations from his ex-wife, and there he spends his time with his lover, Claire Clairmont, and her half-sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Percy Shelley.
  • Mary creates the idea of her novel, Franenstien.

    During a summer holiday in Switzerland, accompanied by Byron and Clairmont, a game is sugguested to see who can write the best horror story. During this the idea of Mary's famous book is created.
  • Percy's wife dies, and him and Mary get married.

    Percy's wife commits sucicide, allowing Mary and himself to get married, on the 30th of December in London.
  • Clair Clairmont gives birth to her and Byron's daughter.

  • Mary gives birth to the couple's thrid child, and writes about her elopement.

    Percy and Mary have their third child, Clara Everina, and then History of a Six Weeks' Tour is published.
  • Frankenstien is published.

    Mary publishes Frankenstien anonymously, which creates major success.
  • Clara Everina dies of dysentery.

  • John Keats dies, and Percy writes a poem as an elegy for him.

    The poem Adonais is published as an elegy for Percy's late friend and fellow poet, John Keats.
  • William dies from malaria.

  • The Shelley's have their last child.

    Percy Florence is the couple's only child to survive his childhood, and live into his seventies.
  • Percy Shelley Dies

    Shelley drowns while sailing, off the Gulf of Spezia.
  • Valperga is published by Mary.

  • Byron falls ill.

    Byron catches a fever which gets continueously worse, while docters try to use bloodletting to cure him.
  • Byron Dies

    In Missolonghi, Greece, Byron dies at the age of 36.
  • Mary Shelley dies.

    Mary dies from a brain tumor, in her London home.