LA Project

  • Dill comes to Maycomb and wants Boo Radley to come out

    Dill comes to Maycomb and wants Boo Radley to come out
    When Dill is found by Jem and Jean at the beginning of Summer, a close friendship already begins. After Dill hear all the stories about how the Radley place is evil and Boo has not come out in in over 30 years, Dill begins to get curious. Dill persuades Jem to go and touch the Radley house, Jem was reluctant at first, however his ego came in and he touched the house, but it seemed nothing happened. What the three kids did not know was that Boo was paying attention and would from that time on.
  • Dill, Jem and Jean go in the Radley yard

    Dill, Jem and Jean go in the Radley yard
    Since it was Dills last day in Maycomb with Jem and Jean, Dill and Jem wanted to sneak in the Radley back yard and look through the window to see if Boo is there. Jean was not suppose to come but nagged herself in anyways. It was pitch black when they arrive in the yard, they make it across the yard to the porch and Jem takes a peep through the window but sees nothing. By that time Mr. Radley comes in his back yard with a shotgun and the three make a break for it, the shell barely missing Jean.
  • Jem Tells Jean About that Night in the Radley Yard

    Jem Tells Jean About that Night in the Radley Yard
    Jem was shocked after the night in the Radley yard, he did not talk with anyone not even Jean about what happened, he kept everything to himself. After the first day of school, Jem came out to Jean and said what happened. He told Jean," When I went back they (Jem's pants) were folded across the they (The Radley's) were expectin' me...And something else...They'd been sewed up. Not like a lady sewed 'em, like somethin' I'd try to do"(Pg. 78). Boo knew they were there that night.
  • Jem and Jean find a Knot Hole full of Items

    Jem and Jean find a Knot Hole full of Items
    As Jem and Jean were walking past the Radley lot, they notice a knot hole in a tree with items in it. Jean immediately wants to take the items, however Jem stops her saying it might belong to someone and should wait and see if anyone takes them. The next day they come back and the items are still there, Jem and Jean takes the items and everyday they come back there is something new. Jem decides to write a letter to the person giving them these items, the next day, the knot hole was closed off.
  • Maycomb gets the Coldest Winter yet

    Maycomb gets the Coldest Winter yet
    In December, Maycomb gets the coldest winter ever since 1885 for two weeks. This was also the first time Jem and Jean have seen snow. Jem gets an idea of making a snowman, although there is not enough snow, they still manage to make a snowman using mud and the little snow they had. Mr. Avery warns the children that this snow is a curse and something bad will happen soon, however the children ignore this and move on. As the days pass, the children begin to see that Mr. Avery was in fact right.
  • Fire on Main Residential Street

    Fire on Main Residential Street
    Jem and Jean are woken early at 1 in the morning by Atticus because of a problem that is arising. When the children get outside, they see the problem, Ms. Maudie's house was on fire and the fire was spreading towards their house. The entire neighborhood was awake, all the men trying to help extinguish the fire, along with three firetrucks. Soon the fire began to spread on Atticus's house, however the fire is quickly taken out. In the aftermath, Ms. Maudie's house was burned down.
  • The Town Hears about the Case

    The Town Hears about the Case
    As Atticus has to defend Tom Robinson in a court case v. the Ewell's, the whole town disapproves of Atticus agreeing to defend Robinson because of his skin color. Jean hears from one of her classmates first when they accused Atticus of defending an African American. The Finch family still, even throughout all the pressure,keep their heads high.
  • A Mad Dog on the Street

    A Mad Dog on the Street
    Jem and Jean frist see this lopsided dog on the street and immediately says that it is a mad dog. When Calpurnia sees the dog, she confirms Jem's statement. The Sheriff comes to take control of the situation and they come to a conclusion that they have to shoot the dog. The only person who could shoot was Atticus. Atticus at first refuses but then shoots the dog dead on, revealing Jem and Jean that their dad was the best sharpshooter in Maycomb.
  • Tom Loses Court Case

    Tom Loses Court Case
    After about 12 hours of continuous arguments in the court case with Tom Robinson and the Ewell's, the case comes to a close saying that Tom is guilty. The main reason that Tom lost was because of his skin color. Although Atticus was unsuccessful, it gave people a different perspective of how unfair the world they live in really is.
  • Tom Gets Shot

    Tom Gets Shot
    Although Tom did have an appeal that could save his life, he chose to make a run for it in the prison. As he is trying to escape the prison, he is warned multiple times by prison guards to stop, Tom does not comply and still runs. As Tom was making his way over the fence, he was shot and killed. The news is taken gravely by his wife Helen.
  • Hellen Tries to Cope with Life

    Hellen Tries to Cope with Life
    After Helen hears of Tom's death, she breaks down. Helen was however given a second chance when Mr. Link gave her a job working for him. The money she was getting was barely enough along with donations to care for her family. On one particular evening, Helen was walking to work and Mr. Ewell started following her, Mr. Link quickly got him away however this started a chain of Mr. Ewell following people.
  • Jem and Jean Attacked

    Jem and Jean Attacked
    As Jem and Jean were walking back home from the school play, they get attacked. They do not know to run until the last moment, however it is too late. Jem gets tackled to the ground and while he is trying to break free, he breaks his elbow. Jean does not get hurt at all because of her ham costume, if she did not have that on, she would have been stabbed. Mr. Arthur comes in to help out, he does and it saves Jem and Jean's lives. While Jem is unconscious, Jean finally meets Boo Radley.