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To Kill a Mocking Bird

  • The Beginning of the Story

    The Beginning of the Story
    The story taks place in the summer of 1932 with the main characters of Jem at the age of 10 and Scout who is 6 years of age.
  • Meeting Charles Baker Harris

    Meeting Charles Baker Harris
    Thi part of the story Gem, and Scout both met DIll who's name is actually Charles Baker Harris.
  • The Tire

    The Tire
    Jem, Scout and Dill played around with a tire. Scout then had made Jem let her roll in the tire. The tire rolled in the forbidden place called the Radleys'. Scout rolled right in front of their stariway and the kids ran as fast as they can away from the property because they fear the owners son who's nickname is Boo Radley. Boo Radley was said to onl come out at night, eating cats and squirrels.
  • The Radleys

    The Radleys
    Jem, Scout and Dill walked toward to the Radleys' at night. Jem quietly walked to stairway of the Radleys' almost touching the door to look for Boo Radley, when suddenly a shadow goes over head of Jem scaring him, Scout and Dill. They soon ran away from the Radleys' and climbed underneath the fence when Jem's pants got stuck to the metal wiring and he took them off an ran. Leaving Scout and DIll leaving to go back inside, Jem ran back to the Radleys' to retrieve his pants and came back safely.
  • Tom Robinson

    Tom Robinson
    In the story we meet Tom Robinson, who is Aticuss' defendentant. He was apparently guilty for raping a young woman with the name is Mayella Ewell.
  • The Courthouse

    Scout, Dill and Jem head over to the courthouse where Boo Radley was apparently said was put in for a period of time because he almost die of mildew and other creepy things in the basement of the Courthouse. But when that happens, the children discover a court jury in session. There, Atticus told them to leave.
  • The Tree

    The Tree
    One day, Jem was showing Scout how egyptians walk. Until they came across a tree infront of the Radleys' house that had a whole in it. Inside the children find two wooden figures that look like Jem and Scout. But suddenly, Mr. Radley came out of nowhere with cement and filled in the whole while the children soon ran off.
  • The Court Scene

    The Court Scene
    That day there was a jury in session for Tom Robinson and how he apparently raped a with the name of Mayella Ewell. Atticus was very close to proving Tom Robinson was innocent though he was later sentenced to go to prison.
  • The Death of Tom Robinson

    The Death of Tom Robinson
    While being sent to a prison in a nother city, Tom Robinson was able to flee but was later shot by what seems to be the opposite race of him. Atticus heard the news and went to Tom's wife and told her what had happened.
  • The Agriculture Pagent

    The Agriculture Pagent
    Scout had entered an agriculture pagent where she dressed as a ham. When it was all over, Scout walked home in her costume because she lost her dress and shoes. Jem walked with Scout though he was suspicious with the noises he heard when they were walking home.
  • The Attack

    The Attack
    When walking home, Jem and Scout were attacked by someone unknown. Jem was knocked out and had fallen unconsious. But someone carried him back home while Scout had ran back to escape. It turned out to be Arthur Radley, who is also known as Boo.
  • Mr. Ewell's Death

    Mr. Ewell's Death
    Mr. Ewell was said that he was the one who was trying to harm both Jem and Scout. Mr. Tate who was at Atticus' side said that Ewell had falled on his knife killing himself. So, Mr. Ewell the person who had killed Tom Robinson had also killed himself in the end.
  • The End of the Novel

    In the end of the novel, it turned out that Boo Radley was not such a bad person afterall because he had saved both Jem, and Scout.