TKAM By Harper Lee

By KelsieT
  • DIll showed up for the first time

    DIll showed up for the first time
    DIll showed up in the summer at Mrs.Rachel's house and met Jem and Scout for the first time ever, from there they became permanent friends. DIll goes on crazy adventures with Jem and Scout such as trying to get a peek at Boo Radley,"Jem held up the bottom wire and motioned Dill under it."(chapter 6 pg52) Dill was present for almost every major event including the trial of Tom Robinson. Without Jem adventures the three of them went on would have been way different or would not have even happened.
  • Period: to

    To Kill a Mockingbird

  • Scout goes to school for the first time

    Scout goes to school for the first time
    Scout has been waiting to go to school for a long time and is excited for first grade. Scout was excited for school but had no idea what was to come,"Now you tell your fauther not to teach you any more."(Mrs.Caroline pg 17) Scout faced many challanges as she had to follow the curriculum of the class and deal with her classmates. Scout even got in a fight with Walter Cunningham.
  • Snow in Maycomb

    Snow in Maycomb
    Snow hit for the first time since 1885 in Maycomb and Jem and Scout freaked out and enjoyed the weather. Scout had no clue what snow was like and didnt know what to do when she first saw it,"The worlds endin, Atticus!"(pg 65 chapter 8) Jem and Scout made snow a snow man that looked like Mrs. Avery.
  • Mrs. Maudies house is on fire!

    Mrs. Maudies house is on fire!
    In the middle of the night the Finch house was evacuated and led out side to find Mrs. Maudies house englfed in flames. It was a cold and windy night as the naighborhood all watched the fire outside,"We stood watching the street fill with men and cars while fire silently devoured Miss Maudies house." The wind was blowing and almost caught the other houses on fire.
  • Aunt Alexandria moves in

    Aunt Alexandria moves in
    Aunt Alexandria moves in to help raise the kids into adults and keep them safe while atticus works on the Tom Robinson case. Aunt alexandria wants to tech them manners as they become adults,"Your aunt has asked me to try and impress upon you and Jean Louise that you are not from run-of-the-mill people."(atticus pg133) Since the kids lost their mom aunt alexandria is trying to teach them fancy and mannered ways, adding some feminine infuence and support.
  • Atticus gets saved by his kids at the jail

    Atticus gets saved by his kids at the jail
    Toms trial was the the next morning and Atticus went down to the jail to protect Tom from the racist people of Maycomb. Atticus's kids snuck out to see what he was up to and ended up saving Atticus,"ill tell him you said hey, little lady...Lets clear out boys." (Mr. Cunningham pg154) The kids being there made the men realize how horrible the act they were going to pursue was and go home. Atticus was smart to go down and protect Tom but it seems the kids were smarter.
  • Tom Robinson Trial

    Tom Robinson Trial
    The trial of Tom Robinson has finally arrived, Tom is being accused of beating and raping Mayella Ewell a young white girl. Racism is a big part of this time period and Tom having an arm that doesnt work proves he didnt do it,"His left arm was fully twelve inches shorter than his right and hung dead at his side."(pg 186) Mayella was beaten on the left side of her face, but Toms left arm is the one that no longer works. This was a perfect pieve of evidence to point out the racism in Mycomb.
  • Jury took a long tme to decide Tom was guilty

    Jury took a long tme to decide Tom was guilty
    As Atticus and Mr. Gilmore gave their closing statements they both made game changing ponts which made the jury actually think about the verdict. Jem and Scout evenhad time to eat dinner and come back before the jury had decided,"you all can come back when youve eaten your supper.....we had been gone nearly an hour... the jury box was empty." (pg208 atticus and scout) The jury voted Tom guilty but took time to decide which means someone on the jury actually cared about what was really going on.
  • Tom has died

    Tom has died
    Tom Robinson died at the jail trying to escape because he knew he had no chance. Atticus tried to help Tom but in the end racism conqured truth,"Seventeen bullet holes in him. They didnt have to shoot him that much." (atticus pg 235) Tom knew his case wouldnt change and tried to run for it but got shot, it was his last shot for the freedom he rightfully deserved.
  • Mr.Ewell attacted Jem and Scout

    Mr.Ewell attacted Jem and Scout
    On the wsy home from the school play Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout to get back at attacus for making him look bad. Bob threatened Atticus but Atticus didnt think it would acually mean anything," Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post office corner,spat in his face, and told him he'd get him back if it took the rest of his life." (pg 217) Bobs attak on the children was his way of getting back at atticus because he was to scared to confront atticus himself. Luckily Bob died becuase Boo killed him