Sarah Nery's and Pip's Significant Life Events

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip Meets the Convict

    Meeting the convict was the beginning of Pip's whole journey. Because he met the convict, and generously helped him as well, he was able to receieve money when that same convict became his "mysterious" benefactor. The scary experience with the convict Pip first have also exposed him to danger, and forced him to taint his innocence by stealing and lying.
  • Pip Meets Miss Havisham and Estella

    Pip meeting Miss Havisham and Estella was one of the main reasons that caused him to later shun the people closest to him. Miss Havisham coaxed Pip to fall into a painful love for Estella, and after seeing her beauty and class, Pip felt ashamed of his poor self. After becoming a gentleman, Pip then foolishly tries his best to please her to no avail, not truly understanding what is expected of him.
  • Pip Goes to London

    After being informed of Pip's granted fortune from a mysterious benefactor, he travels to London to become a gentlemen, not knowing the difficult path he was about to embark on. Because he accepts the offer and the money, he later becomes ashamed of the people who raised him--Mr. Joe, Mrs. Joe, and Biddy---and strays away from the people who truly care. However, because of that mistake, when he was sick and in debt, he was able to realize how much those people truly mean to him.
  • Pip Forgives Miss Havisham

    Pip forgiving Miss Havisham demonstrates the maturity that he has undergone after realizing his wrongdoings. Because of that decision, he was able to influence Miss Havisham into repenting for the sins she had committed, which in turn affected him as well. He was able to help Herbert get the Cairo job which he accompanied Herbert on, and he was also able to heal the wounds placed upon his heart by Miss Havisham.
  • Pip Returns Home

    Pip falls into sickness and even further into debt after Magwitch's passing. The only man who comes to save him then is Joe, and Pip acknowledges that and becomes very grateful. He then tries to make it up to him and Biddy by welcoming his and Biddy's marriage even though he initially planned to marry her, and also guarantees to pay them back for the money they used in order to repay Pip's debts. Pip is able to find his true family again.
  • Pip Finds Out Who His Benefactor Is

    Being able to find out who his benefactor his brought upon Pip many questions and answers at the same time. Because of Magwitch, Pip began to ask himself how much he was really worth, since his fortune came from a mere convict. However, with the man's presence, Pip was able to set his life straight, and also solve mysteries such as who Estella's biological parents are, and who scammed Miss Havisham.
  • Pip Leaves for Cairo

    Pip leaving for Cairo for eleven years helped him to reflect on his mistakes. He was also able to appreciate Herbert more after seeing his business's success in a foreign country. I believe this long period of time away from home was to fit in many charcters' last stretch of maturity, such as how Pip saw Estella's unfortunate marriages helped her to understand Pip's feelings (490), and how Joe and Biddy had their own family.
  • Period: to

    My Birth to Present

  • Parents' Fight

    Parents' Fight
    This fight was the biggest fight I remember my parents having when I was younger. Although I can't say why, I recall it was the first time I cried so hard. I'd never seen my sister in as bad a state I was, my mom so angry, and my dad so powerless before. After that fight, I always looked at my parents' relationship differently, and saw how fragile it really was.
  • I Moved To Philippines

    I Moved To Philippines
    Moving to Philippines was one of the events that impacted me the most. Although I was only nine, I believe leaving my close friends scarred me. Also moving there, I learned that "family" isn't always who they seem, to say the least. Last, I remember my school experience there being one of the worse; I had nightmares of being forced to go back to school there after I moved back to America.
  • Introduced to MMORPGs

    Introduced to MMORPGs
    (Info on MMOs)
    Although it sounds materialistic, I believe being introduced to MMOs sheltered me from a lot of pain I was experiencing then. Because it was a game I could control based on fantasy, I found it interesting and fun. The people I met on there, although strangers, helped me in various ways. However, the drawback was I became dependent on those games whenever I felt stressed or lonely.
  • Changed Schools For Sixth Grade

    Changed Schools For Sixth Grade
    After being reunited with my friends in fifth grade, I was pained about having to change schools again for sixth grade. The new school I went to was completely different, with a less welcoming atmosphere. The kids were also different, to say the least. I only had a few good friends. I was exposed to bad influences at that school, which caused me to make several bad mistakes down the road; some of which I have yet to fix.
  • Began Attending Oxford Academy

    Began Attending Oxford Academy
    Attending Oxford forced me to leave my friends and make new ones (something I'm not good at) for what seemed like the hundredth time. I somehow made it because of all the nice people, but at some point later on I realized if I was forced to leave and make new friends I literally wouldn't make it. However, I felt and still feel as if the education I'm receiving here will greatly benefit me in the future.
  • Went to FT Island Concert

    Went to FT Island Concert
    ...at Nokia Theater!
    After watching this concert held by one of my favorite K-Pop group, it helped me to believe that I could achieve goals that I may think that are impossible, such as being able to see my favorite celebrities perform, when live in Korea and rarely come to America, let alone Southern California.
  • Uncle Passed Away Due to Cancer and Pneumonia

    Uncle Passed Away Due to Cancer and Pneumonia
    Although I was never that close with my uncle, I think being older and being so closely related to him was enough to affect me in some way. I saw his wife, daughter, and son lose the smile they always had on their faces for the first time. It made me realize that life is very fragile, and that I should learn to be thankful for each breath I take. This event somehow strengthened the bond I have with my family, especially my dad.