The lightning thief

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief timeline!!!!!

By thea523
  • the Master Bolt... missing?

    the Master Bolt... missing?
    Percy is accused of stealing Zeus’ master bolt. He is believed to be the culprit because of the rumors circulating that he is the son of Poseidon, who is Zeus’ rival.
  • The Fates????!!!

    The Fates????!!!
    On the way back from school, on the bus, he sees the fates knitting. Then, they look at Percy and snip the yarn. Grover, Percy’s best friend, starts muttering about how this “always happens when they reach grade six”.
  • going camping

    going camping
    Since its summer break, Sally Jackson (Percy’s mom) takes him to his favourite camping park. Her husband, Gabe, who Percy calls Smelly Gabe in his head, is not coming, but they borrow his car. he makes them promise not to make a SINGLE SCRATCH on it.
  • strange dream...

    strange dream...
    Percy is at the camping trip with Sally his mum, and he has a dream in the night that Zeus and Poseidon are having a major conflict. Although he doesn't know it at the time, this is hapening in real life.
  • hurricane at the camp!

    hurricane at the camp!
    Percy wakes up to see Sally, Grover (his best friend from school who just turned up out of the blue) and himself in the midst of the commotion of... a hurricane! In their rush to get out of the camping grounds, a monster - the minotaur! - follows them deep into the woods. They crash Smelly Gabe's car, and run for it. Eventually, the three reach an odd sign saying, "Camp Half-Blood". He and Grover can go in the woods beyond the sign, but Sally cannot.
  • Hades has a hostage

    Hades has a hostage
    Since Sally could not get inside the gates to this mysterious Camp, the minotaur takes her for Hades and she disapears in flames. Hades knows Percy will come down to the Underworld to get his mum back, even if Percy must give something in return, for example...
    The lightning bolt. One problem there, though.
    Percy doesn't have it.
  • Percy and the minotaur

    Percy and the minotaur
    Percy must now battle the minotaur on his own, since Sally is gone and Grover is... let's just say, not able to fight.
    However, the minotaur is much bigger and stronger than Percy is, even with Riptide, his pen that can turn into a sword. So Percy has other plans. Her jumps up on the minotaur's back. althought the monster tries to shake him off, Percy holds onto the minotaur's horn so hard that it comes off.
    He stabs the minotaur with it's own horn and destroys it, and he and Grover escape.
  • what in the world is Camp Half-Blood???!!!

    what in the world is Camp Half-Blood???!!!
    Percy wakes up four days later in Camp Half-Blood. He is being cared for in the camp's hospital. He sees Grover, and notices... Grover's got the legs of a sheep! He corrects Percy: "No, i'm part GOAT." Percy finds that he is still holding the minotaur horn.
    This is getting wierder and wierder for Percy, and he gets up to leave.
  • Capture the Flag!!!

    Capture the Flag!!!
    When Percy gets out, he starts to play a game of capture the flag. But this isn't your ordinary game of capture the flag.
    For one thing, you don't tag with your HANDS, you tag with your SWORDS.
    Percy, on the team of a nice counselour named Luke, finds the other team's flag and attempts to take it, but is caught and 'tagged' by Annabeth. Strangely, when he reaches out for water, it heals his cuts. the gathered croud gasps as they realize: it is a sign.
    Percy is the son of Poseidon.
  • Dionysus and the threat

    Dionysus and the threat
    The counselour Dionysus gets mad at Percy and threatens that if Percy isn't out of the camp by the time the emergency meeting at Olympus is over, he will turn Percy into an atlantic bottlenose!
    After the angry god leaves, a friendly centaur named Chiron explains that Dionysus meant that he must go on a quest to retrieve the lightnig bolt, as Percy claims that he doesn't have it. Percy, not wanting to be a dolphin, embarks on the quest, along with Annabeth, daughter of Athena, and Grover.
  • Mount Olympus' "pleasant" surprise

    Mount Olympus' "pleasant" surprise
    After Percy cuts off Medusa's head (which still works), he mails it to Mount Olympus. Annabeth and Grover protest, saying that the gods will be angry, but Percy does not listen.
  • Head of Medusa

    Head of Medusa
    On their way, they reach a nearly-deserted lot, with one single open shop: 'Aunty Em's Garden Emporium.' They go inside and meet a slightly friendly woman. Aunty Em. She feeds them burgers, which they wolf down eagerly. She then asks for a photo that she can make a statue of later. They agree, and pose. ButEno camera. It's then that they realize... she's Medusa! eventually, after Grover is slammed against a statue and Annabeth almost dies, Percy manages to cut off snake-haired Medusa's head.
  • a pink dog gets them train tickets

    a pink dog gets them train tickets
    Percy wakes up to see that Grover is holding a bright pink poodle puppy. As Percy is just starting to wonder what in the world it is doing there, it turns its miniscule head towards him and barks. clearly, it does not like Percy. when Percy yells at this poodle, they tell him to be quiet. they point to a poster, saying "lost dog." they also point to the reward. Annabeth tells Percy that the dog's reward money will be used to buy us train tickets, and treat him nicely, or it might run away.