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Brandon's Life Map

By Dasfgg
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    Pip's Life Map

  • Pip meets the convict

    Pip meets the convict
    Pip's meeting with the convict is a very crucial part to this story. It sets a foundation for the story. His meeting with the convict soon plays a role in foreshadowing and introducing situational irony to the reader. As Pip is scared of the convict he plays out the role of a child and sends the convict away to be captured by the law.
  • Pip meets Estella and Ms. Havisham

    Pip meets Estella and Ms. Havisham
    Pip is still a child at around seven years old. He is taken back to Ms. Havisham's. It's Estella's birthday today. This event is also an important event that contributes to the story as it sents more plot like how the meeting with the convict did. Also it's the beginning of Pip's relations with Estella and Ms. Havisham.
  • Mr. Jaggers takes him to London.

    Mr. Jaggers takes him to London.
    This is the point of no return. It's the jump off from the cliff and there is no going back. Pip's transformation starts here as he cannot go back to his life as a poor low class person. After becoming a gentleman he will be too situated with a new lifestyle that it devours his old one.
  • Joe visits Pip in London.

    Joe visits Pip in London.
    This encountering after a long period shows the further relationship of Pip and Joe. Remember Joe is much older than Pip and Pip is only seventeen. Pip's encoutnering with Joe is very awkward and at the end Pip's new lifestyle cannot be related to his old past. He's changed to much to be able to go back to be able to relate with his past from this point and on of the story.
  • Mrs. Joe passes and Pip attends the funeral.

    Mrs. Joe passes and Pip attends the funeral.
    Her death had deeply affected Pip. Even though he cannot relate to his past social class, his sadness deepens as he finds out that his sister had died. It reminds him of his past and his old relations with Joe and Biddy. This situattion makes him reflect on the snobbish actions he had done towards Joe and Biddy and feels terrible about it.
  • Ms. Havisham is burned but saved by Pip.

    Ms. Havisham is burned but saved by Pip.
    This event is important to Pip's relationship with Havisham. It's when Havisham breaks the news to Pip about what she has done to break Pip's heart. Even though their relationshp is ruined and Pip does not want anything to do with her anymore, he still shows his kindness and compassion for others. Even though he has much hatred for Ms. Havisham, he still saves her life from the burning fire.
  • Pip discovers the horibble truth.

    Pip discovers the horibble truth.
    Pip's twenty-three years old now. He has discovered the horrible truth that his benefactor is the convict that he had originally sent away. This scene portrays the situational irony in the story. It also shows Pip's fear come to life. Pip thinks that having his benefactor as athe convict a horrible truth as he is being supported by someone who is lower than he is.
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    Brandon's Life Map

  • I started kindergarten at John Marshall Elementary School.

    I started kindergarten at John Marshall Elementary School.
    The day I started to attend school. This was a huge step for me as it was the beginning of my education. It was were I started to learn the fundumentals of required subjects that are going to contribute to my education later in the future.
  • Competitions in 6th Grade

    Competitions in 6th Grade
    During 6th grade, I had attended meetings during lunch about some extracirricular activities in school such as "Clue Me In" and Academic Pentathalon. I had done both as I heard that it helps you get into this really good school called Oxford Academy. I participated in both competitions and had recieved trophies and medals for both of these competitions. It gave me a sense in gratitude and was fun competing against other students from other schools.
  • Went to Vietnam

    Went to Vietnam
    For about three weeks my family had traveled all the way to our home country. My parents wanted to let me see my home land and where our people had originated from. This changed my perception as a kid. I saw things that had never been relative to me because of my life in America. Going to Vietnam seemed stranged to me because of the lifestyle there and overall atmosphere. On the other hand, it was a great experience and was a life changing moment for me.
  • Beginning of Oxford including jr. high.

    Beginning of Oxford including jr. high.
    This was the day were I had made the transition from elementary school to middle school. Everything changes from what I know in school. Now we have lockers, no recess, eight different classes, and a more competitive enviroment. This was the beginning of something new for me where I had to adapt to this new student life.
  • Built my first computer

    Built my first computer
    My mother had dropped me off at my uncle's computer shop because she wanted me to do something productive and not be a couch potato. My uncle had taught me the basics to putting a comptuer together starting from the little individual parts to booting it up. My first time was successful and it made me realized that I want to do something that involves computers as a job in my future. Also during that time I had helped my uncle fill out orders and fix damaged computers for his customers.
  • Start of High school

    Start of High school
    The beginning of high school was a vey important event. Being in high school now is somewhat different to being in jr. high. There are more opportunities now, grades are very crucial at this point, and there is a lot of pressure. This changes the way I think now compared to the time in 8th grade. I'm taking things more seriously now because it all counts towards college in my senior year. This is a crucial part of my life.
  • I'm an officer in OAKC!

    I'm an officer in OAKC!
    Today I was announced as the new Publicist in Oxford Academy's Key Club. Even though it's only an appointed position, I'm starting out with this to work my way up the ranks to the highest position I'm aiming for.