"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee

  • Dill's FIrst Summer in Maycomb

    This event marks the begining of the novel and gives a basis for every character's story from tomboy Scout's innocence, Jem's more mature dispositon, Dill's obvious lies, and Calpurnia's motherly role in the Finch family to Aticus's rightious and humble ways. This event gives the novel a basis.
  • Scout's First Day of School

    Scout's First Day of School
    Despite being excited at first Scout quickly grows to hate school because of her teacher who does not approove of her previous knowledge of reading. Said teacher also does not understand the workings of Maycomb which gives the reader a chance to see hoow things work in the town. This event also introduces Walter Cunningham and his situation both of which indirectly help Scout out of trouble later. This event just buids more on to backround knowledge as well as giving Scout Finch's first lesson.
  • Atticus shoots Tim Johnson

    Atticus shoots Tim Johnson
    Though minor to the novel, this event leads Jem to respect his father because he is humble rather than because of success in his profession. A main part of Atticus's charcter is also shown at this point which prompts the reader to have a high opinion of the Maycomb Finch's patriarch.
  • Period: to

    Dill's Second Summer

    This event shows Scout growing up just a little with a decrease in her tomboyish ways and growing away from her older brother Jem as he decides to be more daring with Dill. The reader also learn more about the malevelent phantom Boo Radley giving base to the novel's biggest mystery.
  • Atticus is mobbed.

    This event showcases one of Scout's biggest moments of innocents when she unknowingly diffuses a very dangerous situation with just her words. This event shows just hoe innocent Scout is and emphasizes just how much the trial changes this. This event also marks the first time Jem refuses to do as his father asks showing just how much he has grown up.
  • Jem looses his pants on the Radely lot.

    Jem looses his pants on the Radely lot.
    After being unknowingly shot at by Nathan Radely, Jem returns to the lot to retrieve his forgotten pants and returns home extreamly distraught. This event helps Jem grow up a lot as he must fully comprehend that Boo Radely is a real person with feeling and that his childish games have probably hurt them.
  • Miss. Maudie's house burns to the ground.

    Miss. Maudie's house burns to the ground.
    This event advances Scout's oppinion of Boo Radley when he drapes her in a blanket, unknown to her, just because she had to be outside in her pajamas and was cold. This event opens up that perhaps Boo is in reality very nice and neighborly rather than violent as the gossip make him out to be.
  • Christmas at Finch's Landing

    Christmas at Finch's Landing
    This event is the first real time that Scout directly sees oppposition to the ideals and beliefs of fair justice that her father has raised her to believe. It shows Scout that people can be very ugly even to their own family and also foreshadows the biggest problem Scout will face as the trial grows closer. It also shows Atticus just how difficult it will be to keep his children out of the backlash of his decision and makes him question if he could do better to do so after some prompting.
  • Period: to

    Time with Mrs. Dubois

    This event presents an important lesson to both Scout and Jem because they finally removed their childesh definition of strenght in favor of an adult one and they also learn that people alway have a reason for how they are.
  • Going to Calpurnia's Church

    Going to Calpurnia's Church
    This event opens Scout's eyes to just how unfair life is to negros in comparisons to whites and shows her how amazing Calpurnia is. Scout for the first time sees up cole just how different a white person's life is from a negros's and she is shocked but this event helps her grow. Her respect for Calpurnia grows because only she, her son, and the reverend can read in a full building of negros. Scout still maintains her innocence in how she sees no problem in coming again.
  • Dill runs away to Maycomb.

    This event gives the reader true insight to how Dill is neglected at his home and gives reason to all of his lies especially the ones revolving around his father. Dill's charecter gains a lot of depth here and also shows Scout how awful some other kids have it in comparison to her.
  • The Trial of Tom Robinson

    The Trial of Tom Robinson
    This event developes a lot of the characters. Dill is abosolutly appalled at the injustice and literly crys because of it. Jem gets very angry and this causes him to blow up at the very mention of it. Jem lost a large irreplacable chunk of his belief in the court system and people and he is bitter about it. Scout is shown to be more wise to the ways of the world than she seemed when she is less shocked than Jem at the unfair verdict.
  • Period: to

    Bob Ewell's Harasment

    This event shows Scout just how nasty people can be when they do not get what they wanted. Ewell's blantent nastiness to Helen Robinson and Atticus teaches Scout that some people are looked down upon for a reason. This event also greatly foreshadows the climax in the future.
  • The Ladies Formal Party

    The Ladies Formal Party
    This event shows the reader and Scout just how lowly many whites think of negros and their pain. To Scout this meeting just shows how little people, whom seem to be good in the eyes of society, care about people below them and those who they disagree with and it disgusts her. This event also shows just how admirable Alexandria Finch is to Scout. To the novel, This event should put to rest the uproar of the trial with the death of the defendent.
  • Bob Ewell attacks Scout and Jem.

    Bob Ewell attacks Scout and Jem.
    This event sparks the final change in several character's personalities. For Atticus Finch the reader sees him extreamly unsettled and due to this very foolish in his wants. In foil to Atticus, the reader sees Sherrif Heck Tate's more caring side when he decides to keep the shy savior out of the town spot light. Arthur is finally seen and gives the reader insight to the enigma. Scout finds comes a little bit closer to being fully grown by putting this part of her life behind her.