The Cambodia Project!!!

  • Gained its Independence

    Cambodia officially gained its independence from France.
  • Sihanouk & His Father

    Sihanouk abdicates to pursue a political career. His father becomes king and Sihanouk becomes the prime minister.
  • People’s Democracy Publishment

    Reastra Thipatei "People’s Democracy" published by Sam Sary, Sam Rainsy’s farther, after he broke up with Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk who was Head of State.
  • Sihanouk Deposed

    Sihanouk is deposed by Hun Sen because of corruption, murder, nepotism, and protecting the Veit Cong before voting to depose him..
  • The overthrew of Sihanouk

    General Lon Nol overthrew Sihanouk and established a republic. Start of the Cambodian Civil War and the US Cambodian Campaign.
  • Americans Bomb

    The Americans bombed Cambodia to try and stop the communists. Nevertheless they captured Phnom Phen
  • Khmer Rouge Allie

    The Khmer Rouge allied with Sihanouk captured Phnom Penh and declared the establishment of Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Plan In Action!!

    Shortly after the Khmer take over they began to execute their plan, by pushing out the cities' population to use as farm labour. 2 000 000 people were move out of the cities and forced to work in farms. During the evacuation many thousands of people died in khmer's attempt of collectivization in Cambodia.
  • Renaming of the country & Sihanouk resigns

    The country is renamed to Democratic Kampuchea. Sihanouk resigns. Khieu Samphan becomes head of state while Pol Pot is the prime minister.
  • The Exiled and Establishment

    Sihanouk exiled and establishment of Democratic Kampuchea under total Khmer Rouge control.
  • The Rise of the Rouge

    The Khmer rouge takes over Cambodia and begin to implement the reforms for the country. The Khmer Rouge plan on moving the population from the cities to farm land.
  • War!! vs communist

    The Vietnamese begin an invasion of Cambodia. Although the two nations were both communist, both countries had had much tension and animosity towards each other and their communist policies did not fix it. The Khmer troops were ill equipped and offered little resistance.
  • The Veitnamese Invasion

    Soon people who could speak a foreign language or who wore glasses were executed. This nightmarish situation was only ended by a war with Vietnam. The Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and quickly prevailed.
  • Cambodian-Vietnamese War

    Cambodian-Vietnamese War: Vietnamese troops captured Phnom Penh establishing the People's Republic of Kampuchea. The rule of the Khmer Rouge is over.
  • Invasion

    When the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia the Khmer Rouge had been unsuccessful in their defence partly because they expected the people of Cambodia to fight and resist the Vietnamese although some may have followed, many others found the Vietnamese like liberators. The reason that many people found this was the brutal dictatorship that the Khmer Rouge had put them under.
  • Hun Sen & Refugees....... No Date

    Hun Sen becomes the prime minister. Cambodia is plagued by guerrilla warfare and hundreds to thousands become refugees.
  • More War

    During this time after the Vietnamese had left Cambodia much of the violence persisted until the UN had completely disarmed the various groups that tried to take over Cambodia. This is due to the fact that without the Vietnamese army it left a power-vacuum, this vacuum was fought by Khmer Rouge and many of the US anti-communist groups and the UN had great difficulty getting these groups to disarm and work towered a fair election.
  • The United Mations

    A United Nations peacekeeping force, the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia began monitoring Cambodia.
  • New Constitution

    A new constitution was ratified, under which the Cambodian monarchy was restored. Norodom Sihanouk returned to the throne.
  • Deputy leader gets amnesty

    Deputy leader of Khmer Rouge Ieng Sary forms a new party and is granted amnesty by Sihanouk.
  • Prince Ranariddh Tried

    Prince Ranariddh is tried in his absence and found guilty of arms smuggling, but is then pardoned by the king.
  • End of the Khmer Rouge

    The Khmer Rouge was abandoned and its was leaders arrested.
  • The Cambodia election

    Cambodian parliamentary election: Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party won a majority of seats in the National Assembly.
  • Trials of Criminals

    1994 the UN called for tribunals to be held, the trials themselves started in2004 and had gone on for many years finishing in 2010 with some convictions, Pol Pot who lead the genocide was arrested in 1997, convicted and died 1 year after. In the following year the Khmer rouge was disbanded.
  • Military Police Shooting

    Military police opened fire at opposition protesters, leaving 3 people dead and more than 20 injured.