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Cambodia Timeline Assignment

  • Independence

    Cambodia on November 9, 1953 gets independence from the French.
  • New King and Prime Minister

    Sihanouk abdicates to pursue a political career. His father becomes king and Sihanouk becomes prime minister.
  • After Sihanouk Father Passes

    Sihanouk breaks off relations with the US and allows North Vietnamese guerrillas to set up bases in Cambodia in pursuance of their campaign against the US-backed government in South Vietnam.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    The US begins a secret bombing campaign against North Vietnamese forces on Cambodian soil.
  • Sihanouk Overthrown

    Prime Minister Lon Nol overthrows Sihanouk in coup. He proclaims the Khmer Republic and sends the army to fight the North Vietnamese in Cambodia.
  • Vietnam War

    On April 30th of 1970, President Richard Nixon declared to a television audience that the American military troops, accompanied by the South Vietnamese People's Army, were to invade Cambodia. Prince Sihanouk was overthrown by General Lon Nol.
  • Lon Nol Overthrown

    Lon Nol 's weakened government was itself overthrown by the Khmer Rouge. They immediately emptied the capital of its residents and brought Prince Sihanouk back, only to hold him under house arrest.
  • Sihanouk Resigns

    The country is re-named Democratic Kampuchea. Sihanouk resigns, Khieu Samphan becomes head of state, Pol Pot is prime minister.
  • Ta Mok Dies

    Ta Mok was a Cambodian military chief and soldier who was a senior figure in the Khmer Rouge. He was best known as "Brother Number Five" or "the Butcher"
  • Kampuchea

    The People's Republic of Kampuchea is established
  • Vietnamese Take Phom Penh

    The Vietnamese take Phnom Penh. Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge forces flee to the border region with Thailand.
  • Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party

    The pro-Vietnamese Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party wins parliamentary elections. The international community refuses to recognise the new government. DATE UNKNOWN
  • Hun Sen Becomes Prime Minister

    Hun Sen was appointed prime minister by the National Assembly of the socialist People’s Republic of Kampuchea, becoming the world’s youngest head of government.
  • Cambodia Free from Vietnamese War

    The Vietnamese withdrew the last of their troops and the government
    renamed the country State of Cambodia.
  • Peace Treaty with Paris

    The Comprehensive Cambodian Peace Agreement commonly referred to as the Paris Agreement is comprised of 4 Parts signed the 23 of October 1991 ending the conflict in Cambodia
  • royalist Funcinpec party

    General election sees the royalist Funcinpec party win the most seats followed by Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party
  • Hun Sen mounts a coup

    Hun Sen mounts a coup against the prime minister, Prince Ranariddh, and replaces him with Ung Huot. The coup attracts international condemnation.
  • Pol Pot Dies

    Pol Pot dies of apparently natural causes while serving a life sentence imposed against him by his own Khmer Rouge.
  • New law against Khmer Rouge leaders

    A law setting up a tribunal to bring genocide charges against Khmer Rouge leaders is passed.
  • Ta Mok Charged

    Cambodian prosecutors charge former Khmer Rouge military commander Ta Mok with crimes against humanity.
  • Hun Sen Re-elected

    After nearly a year of political deadlock, Prime Minister Hun Sen is re-elected after CPP strikes a deal with the royalist Funcinpec party.
  • Sam Rainsy goes abroad

    Opposition leader Sam Rainsy goes abroad after parliament strips him of immunity from prosecution, leaving him open to defamation charges brought by the ruling coalition.
  • The other "Brothers" on trial

    The trial of "Brother Number Two," along with three other senior members of the Khmer Rouge is set to begin.
  • Dutch loses appeal

    Dutch loses appeal against conviction at UN-backed tribunal and has sentence increased to life.
  • Parliamentary elections

    Ruling party of premier Hun Sen claims victory, opposition alleges widespread irregularities.