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The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riodan

By amore
  • Exposition-last day of seventh grade

    Exposition-last day of seventh grade
    On the last day of seventh grade Percy Jackson has a nightmare of his friend Grover wearing a wedding dress and he needs help. Also, that day at school, he meets two more of his enemies' friends but they turn out to be monsters.
  • Rising Action-Percy fights with monsters

    Rising Action-Percy fights with monsters
    Percy and Tyson fight the monsters in the gym and the gym gets wrecked from all of the fighting. Annabeth comes to save them.
  • Rising Action- Camp Half-blood

    Rising Action- Camp Half-blood
    Percy, Tyson, and Anabeth go to Camp Half-blood. But when they arrive, it is being attacked by two bronze bulls. They help the camp destroy the bronze bulls. Then they relize that Tyson is really a baby cyclopse and can wthstand the bulls' fire.
  • Period: to

    Percy Jackson timeline

  • Rising Action- Chariot Race

    Rising Action- Chariot Race
    After Anabeth and Percy knew that Tyson is a cyclops, Anabeth was worried about Tyson because something happened in her past. Then there was a chariot race. Percy and Anabeth worked together. Meanwhile, Anabeth was mean to Tyson because he is a cyclopse. Percy and Anabeth had a fight and were no longer partners. The Chariot race was a total disaster that morning.
  • Rising Action-Washing Dishes in Lava

    Rising Action-Washing Dishes in Lava
    Right after the chariot races, Tantalus blamed Annabeth, Tyson, and Percy for the disruption of the chariot races. He made them do the dishes in lava. At that time, Percy told Annabeth about Grover and that the reason that Grover was wearing a wedding dress in Percy's dreams was because he was hidding from the big cyclops, Polyphemus. Annabeth realized that if they could rescue Grover, they could get the golden fleese and save Thalia's tree so that no more monsters could attack the camp.
  • Rising Action- Hermes

    Rising Action- Hermes
    While Percy could not sleep, The day of the chairiot racing, Chiron, the camp activities director, was fired after being blamed for poisoning Thalia's tree. Hermes came to Percy and gave him things that could help him in his journey to save Grover and get the Golden Fleese.
  • Climax- Deul with Luke

    Climax- Deul with Luke
    After rescuing Grover, Percy, Tyson, Annabeth, and Grover are all captured by Luke, the son of Hermes and the person who poisoned Thalia's tree. Percy tricks Luke into admitting that he poisoned the tree and Luke and Percy duel. Percy gets injured but he gets saved by Chiron, the activities director at the camp.
  • Resolution- Tree is Saved

    Resolution- Tree is Saved
    The camp director puts the Golden Fleece around Thalia's tree and the poison starts to drain out of her tree. In the morning, Annabeth was gaurding the tree and found that the golden fleece did too much magic and turned Thalia's tree back into Thalia.
  • Falling Action-Golden Fleece gets home safely

    Falling Action-Golden Fleece gets home safely
    Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, Grover, and Clarisse decided to go separetely to go back to teh camp because since last year, Zeuse was still mad at Percy. So Clarisse had enough money and took the Golden Fleece and went on an airplane back to the camp.
  • Falling Action- Chiron is rehired

    Falling Action- Chiron is rehired
    Chiron, the activities director, is rehired after being proven innocent of poisoning Thalia's tree.
  • Direct Charactorization- Thalia

    Direct Charactorization- Thalia
    "She had short black hair and freckles across her nose. She was built like a long-distance runner, lithe and strong and she wore clothes that were somewhere between punk and Goth-a black T-shirt, black tattered jeans, and a leather jacket with bottons from a bunch of bands I'd never heard of." (Riordan,277) This is a direct charactorization of Thalia because the author is describing her not through actions
  • Direct Characterization - Tyson

    Direct Characterization - Tyson
    "He was six-foot-three and built like the Abominable Snowman, but he cried a lot and was scared of just about everything." (Riordan,9) This is a direct characterization because the narroator is telling the reader what Tyson is like and what he looks like.
  • Indirect Charactorization Heremes Cabin

    Indirect Charactorization Heremes Cabin
    " All Hermes's kids : had upturned eyebrows, sarcastic smiles, a gleam in their eyes whenever tthey looked at you---like they were about to drop firecraker down your shirt." (Riordan, 57) This shows that they are tricksters or sneeky.
  • Indirect Charactorization Annabeth

    Indirect Charactorization Annabeth
    " Annabeth's ears turned pink. I got a feeling there was something she was not telling me------something bad." (Riordan,68) This means she was upset about something in her past that happened to her.