• Where is the Cambodia located at.

    Built in 1866 by King Norodom the Royal palace is now home to His Majesty Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia,and Her Majesty Preah Reach Akka-Mohesey Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, the Queen of Cambodia.
  • Dialing code

    +855 to call someone then you wil pit it in frount of the number.
  • Government

    Unitary state, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system
  • THe King

    The King does not have veto power over bills passed by the National
  • Capital

    Phnom Penh.
  • Schools in cambodia

    Most Cambodian villages have a primary school but they are not complete and do implementation and monitoring within the educational system that does not .
  • Is Cambodia Smal

    In terms of area, it's the 23rd largest country in the world (out of well over 200), so it's not exactly small.
  • Cambodia Name

    The name of Cambodia, in the Khmer language is "Kampuchea"
  • Cambodia

    Agency offering information about Cambodia on tourism, culture, history, visa, attractions, province guides, trip planner, hotels, flights, cars, tours, news
  • Population

    With a population of over 14.8 million, Cambodia is the 70th most populous country in the world.
  • Animals

    Bilateral relations between the United States and the Kingdom of Cambodia, while strained throughout the Cold War, have strengthened considerably in modern.
  • Is Cambodia Poor

    Although the Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in natural resources, decades of war and internal conflict have left it one of the world's poorest countries.
  • Cambodia work

    Do not expect to make a lot of money working in Cambodia, but if you want to learn. However, it is a safe bet that few people will be around early in the morning or these days staff have had their arms twisted to stay open through lunch.
  • Cambodia Safe

    I've seen the Cambodia FAQ sheet, but for those who have visited Cambodia recently, is it "safe" there.
  • Cambodia Phone

    Moblie phones are helping to improve the lives of women in Cambodia.Before the phones, we did not even have enough food to eat (because of the storms).
  • The U.S.A helped Cambodia

    Bilateral relations between the United States and the Kingdom of Cambodia, while strained throughout the Cold War, have strengthened considerably in modern .
  • Cambodia war

    The Cambodian Civil War was a conflict that pitted the forces of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (known as the Khmer Rouge) and their allies the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) and the Viet Cong against the government forces of Cambodia (after October 1970, the Khmer Republic), which were supported by ...
  • Weapons

    The Cambodian Civil War was a conflict between the forces of the Khmer Rouge. 1.1 Handguns; 1.2 Submachine guns; 1.3 Assault rifles; 1.4 Carbines.
  • Money

    Some of the people in Cambodia did not have no money so they had to work for it like week or months or years. They did not know when they was going to get they money.
  • Norodom Sihamoni

    Norodom Sihamoni is the reigning King of Cambodia. He ascended the throne on 29 October 2004. He is the eldest son of Norodom Sihanouk and his second wife Norodom Monineath Sihanouk.
  • Easter

    Aug 17, 2012 - Just before Easter weekend, Christian Reformed World Missions .
  • How many people did Cambodia have in their country

    They have about 1.6 millon people that lives in there country.
  • Cambodia

    They are the 13th Country in the U.S.A
  • Cambodia kill their people

    Cambodia kill their people becasue they need to get rided of some of their people. Ben Kiernan estimates that about 1.7 million people were killed.