Tina Sun - timeline 1

  • Period: 507 to 511

    Clovis dies

    Clovis dictates the salic law. He moves the Frankish capital to Paris. He dies and splits his kingdom into four parts, leaving each to a son.
  • 527

    justinian I

    Justinian I becomes the Byzantine Emperor
  • 541

    Bubonic plague

    The Bubonic plague appears suddenly in Egypt and quickly spreads to Constantinople where it kills at least 230,000 people
  • 552

    Silk worms

    Justinian receices silk worms smuggled from China by two Nestorian Monks. He intends to set up his own Silk production to bypass the need to trade with the far East
  • Feb 5, 600


    Smallpox arrives in Europe for the first time. Augustine of Canterbury converts King Ethelbert of Kent to Christianity.
  • Feb 5, 607


    The Pantheon in Rome is converted into a church .
  • Feb 5, 665

    Anglo- Saxons

    According to the Annales Cambriae, the Anglo- Saxons convert to Christianity after the Second Battle of Badon. Sighere of Essex encourages his subjects to reject Christianity and reture to their indigenous religion.
  • Feb 5, 675


    Frithuwold of Surrey is baptised and so his son; Surrey becomes Christian. Arabs raid Crete
  • Feb 12, 715

    Northumbbrian clergy

    Nechtan mac Der-llei, kind of the Picts invites the Northumbrian clergy to establish Christianity amongst the Picts.
  • Feb 12, 723

    Thor's Oak

    Saint Boniface fells Thor's Oak near Fritzlar, marking the decisive event in the Christianization of the northern Germanic tribes.
  • Feb 12, 772

    Charlemane fights the Saxons

    Frankish king Charlemagne starts fighting the Saxons and the Frisians. Caliph Al-Mansur orders Christians and Jews in Jerusalem to be stamped on their hands with a distinctive symbol.
  • Feb 12, 774

    King of the Lombards

    Charlemagne conquers the kingdom of the Lombards, and takes title King of the Lombards.
  • Feb 13, 1031


    The Moorish Caliphate of Córdoba collapses. Byzantine general George Maniaces captures Edessa.
  • Feb 14, 1037

    George Maniaces

    George Maniaces begins a campaign against the Arabs in Sicily
  • Feb 14, 1046

    first contact.

    The first contact occurs between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuks.
  • Feb 14, 1048

    Last viking raid

    Last Viking raid on the Kingdom of England; unsuccessful raiders flee to Flanders.
  • Feb 14, 1055


    The Seljuk Turks capture Baghdad.
  • Feb 14, 1119

    Knights Templar

    Knights Templar Founded by Hugh de Payns
  • Feb 15, 1137

    Louis VII

    Louis VII is crowned King of France. He subsequently marries Eleanor of Auitaine, daughter of William X
  • Feb 15, 1145

    Pope Eugene III

    Pope Eugene III issues the bull Quantum praedecessores, calling for the Second Crusade
  • Feb 15, 1155

    Holy Roman Emperor

    Frederick I Barbarossa is crowned Holy Roman Emperor
  • Feb 15, 1163

    The Almohads

    The Almohads finish driving the Normans out of North Africa.
  • Feb 15, 1183


    Saladin conguers syria and become sultan
  • Feb 15, 1193

    Pope Celestine III

    Pope Celestine III calls for a crusade against pagans in Northern Europe
  • Feb 15, 1219


    Damietta, Egypt falls to the crusaders after a siege. Saint Frances of Assisi introduces Catholicism into Egypt, During the Fifth Crusade
  • Feb 15, 1220

    invade the Abbasid Caliphate

    The Mongols first invade the Abbasid Caliphate; Bukhara and Samarkand are taken
  • Feb 15, 1233


    The inquisition is established.
  • Feb 15, 1249

    King Louis IX

    King Louis IX of FRance captures Damietta in Egypt, the first major military engagement of the Seventh Crusade
  • Feb 15, 1290

    King Edward I

    King Edward I of England orders all jews (then numbering around 16000) to leave England
  • Clovis becomes ruler

    Clovis becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age of 13 after the death of his father
  • catholicism

    Clovis is baptized into the catholic faith. Within a few years all of the Franks have converted to catholicism
  • Kernyw converts

    Constantine of Kernyw converts to Christianity. Dumnonia is the Southwestern most peninsula of Britain
  • King of Visigoths

    Reccared, King of Visigoths, renounces Arianism and adopts Catholicism.
  • Lombards

    The Lombards convert to Christianity.
  • Pope Gregory

    Pope Gregory l sends Augustine to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.
  • Jews aid Muslims

    Hispano-Visigothic king Egica accuses the Jews of aiding the Muslims, and snetences all Jews to slavery.
  • Battle of Dorestad

    Battle of Dorestad:The Frisians of kings Radbod are defeated by the Frankish mayor of the palace, Pippin of Herstal. The Rhine delta becomes Frankish
  • Pepin dies

    Pepin the Short (714-768), king of the Franks since 751, dies; he is succeeded by his sons Carloman (eastern Franks) and Charels, aka Charlemagne (western Franks )
  • Charlemagne summons a monk

    Charlemagne summons the monk and scholar Alcuin of York to head the palace school at Aachen in order to inspire the revival of education in Europe. The /massacre of Verden is ordered by Charlemagne against the Saxons. Harun al- Rashid invades Byzantine Anatolia and advances to within sight of Constantinople. Trapped o his return march, he is rescued by the defection of the Byzantine general Tatzates, which allows him to impose a harsh truce on the Empress irene of Athens.
  • Irene's son is blinded

    Irene of Athens orders her son, Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI, captured and deposed. Irene of Athen's orders are carried out; her son is blinded, and she is declared empress the next day.
  • Charlemagne dies in Aachen

    Charlemagne dies in Aachen; Louis the Pious succeeds Charlemagne as king of the Franks and Emperor. The Bulgarians lay siege before Constantinople.
  • The Moors

    The Moors lose Madrid to the Kingdom of Leon.
  • King Edmund I

    Kind Edmund I of England takes Northumbria from the vikings.
  • Edgar the Peaceable

    Edgar the Peaceable is crowned King of England. Dunstan becomes Archbishop of Canterbury and Edgar's chief adviser. He reforms monasteries and enforces the rule of Saint Benedict: Poverty, Chastity , and Obedience for monks. He attempts to impose celibacy on the secular clergy without noticeable success. Dunstan actively encourages the Danes to integrate with the English. Sviatoslav I of Kiev conguers the Khazars' imperial power.
  • Pechenegs

    The Pechenegs begin the Siege of Kiev
  • decade - long famine

    A devastating decade-long famine begins in France. Byzantine Emperor John I successfully defends the Eastern Roman Empire from a massive varvarian invasion. Eric the Victorious becomes the first king of Sweden.
  • Old World

    Explorer Bjarni Herjoólfsson becomes the firsr inhabitant of the Old World to sight North America
  • First siege

    First siege of Constantinople by the Rus
  • Rurik

    Rurik gains control of Novgorod
  • Ingólfur Arnarson

    Ingólfur Arnarson arrives as the first permanent Viking settler in Iceland, settling in Reykjavik
  • kiev is the capital

    Oleg of the Novgorod takes Kiev and makes it his capital
  • Paris

    The Vikings besiege Paris
  • Icelandic Commonwealth

    With the establishment of the Althing , now one of the world's oldest parliaments, the Icelandic Commonwealth is founded.