Timeline of important events in my life

By cj10454
  • I am born. I have 1 sister and a dog.

  • Period: to

    Important events in my life

  • We went to Itasca State Park

  • Our dog dies.

  • we take a vacation to Oklahoma

  • My little sister is born

  • I got stitches in my nose

  • I started preschool

  • We got our dog Diesel

  • We took a vacation to Colorado

  • We go back to Oklahoma

  • I start kindergarten

  • We visit my grandparents in Florida

  • We buy the land for our cabin

  • We go to Virginia and Washington, DC

  • I got glasses

  • We went to california

  • We go to the Boundary Waters

  • We went to Boston

  • We go back to the Boundary Waters

  • We go to Florida again

  • I competed in my first Triathalon

  • I got my dirtbike

  • We go on a trip to South Dakota

  • I shot my first deer

  • We go on a vacation to Iceland

  • I shot my 2nd deer