time toast of islamic history

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Passage of the sea

    after 7 centuries on Andalusian soil, Muslims traveled back along the narrow passage of the sea, on Oct 12 1492 colon landed on the island Guanahani Bahama which was later renamed san, Salvidor. early explorers used maps from the work of Muslim scholars
  • Dec 1, 1492

    Royal decree

    in 1492-1501 a royal decree calling all Muslims of the kingdom of castile to convert to Christianity or leave their iberian homes
  • Dec 31, 1492

    remander of the islamic influence in america

    the origin of the cowboy in vaquero. the concept of the American western sattle was derived from the Spanish predecessors of the vaqueros
  • Jan 1, 1500

    the role of muslims in discovery of america

    the Muslims presence in early America is often ignored. many of the slaves who arrived in the Americas were transported to south America
  • Dec 1, 1501

    Forced converts

    slavery and religion in the U.s. the first converts were from Islam by slave owners
  • Iberian peninsula

    At the beginning of the 16th century suspicions became from the 'NEW CHRISTIAN" including jews including Muslims King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel promised religious freedom to Muslims strong hold in Iberia when they fell to Christian soldiers
  • plymoth rock

    Dec 1620 English pilgrims sailed across Massachusetts bay, to anchor in plymoth bay. which was the landing point which served as a symbol of wars waged against their ancestors/
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    time toast of islamic history

  • Slaves in America

    1/5 of all slaves that were introduced to the Americas from Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries were Muslim. multiple sources of evidence suggest that Muslims from spain and west Africa arrived in America 5 centuries before Columbus in the 12th century
  • christian nation

    the Us supreme court in 1892 said that America was now a Christian nation
  • Islamic law

    islamic law had undergone change that caused destruction. islamic law was linked throughout society and the challenges of social and economic change. until recently western scholars were ready to follow normal patterns of disregarding Islamic history and culture
  • national day of mourning

    native americans buried plymouth rock two times between 1970-1995 as a part of their national da of mourning their ancestors, protesting against the U.S. CELEBRATION OF THANKSGIVING
  • september 11 2001

    The September 11 attacks,were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the militant Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda,against the United States on the morning of Tuesday,September 11, 2001.On that morning, four commercial airliners traveling from the northeastern U.S. to California were hijacked mid-flight by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists.Their goal was to crash each plane into a prominent American building, causing mass casualties and partial or complete destruction of the targeted buildings.