Time Management

  • Detailed Research into forms and conventions

    To have completed two 500 word analyses of two magazines looking into the forms and conventions which both of them have.
  • Audience Research

    To have completed and uploaded to my blog 'audience research' about my target audience.
  • Period: to

    Time Management

  • Audience Focus Group

    To have completed my Focus Group Profile which includes- who is in my focus group, how old they are, and why they accepted to be in my group and why they are part of my target audience.
  • Planning- First Drafts

    To complete my draft designs for my magazine of front cover, double page and contents page. To also have taken pictures of these drafts and uploaded to blog.
  • Performers and Casting

    To have finished and uploaded to blog the grid of who I will be using in my magazine and their contact details. Also before I do this I need to check with the person that it is ok for them to star in my magazine.
  • Costumes and Props

    To complete the profile and orginisation of props and costumes. it will include what my cover star and other stars will be wearing and where i will get the clothes from, also what other props i will use and if just objects are being used in one shot- how will they be arranged?
  • Locations

    Write and finish the locations in which i will need for any of my photos i am going to take. NB: remember I need a minimum of 4 photos for my magazine.
  • Shot Lists

    To identify and record all the shot types i will be using in photos, then upload to blog.
  • Risk assessment

    Complete a risk assessment of all the risks which may be around when taking my photos , no matter where I am taking the photos, there will always be risks.
  • Research and Planning

    Go back over anything and make sure everything for research and planning is complete
  • Research and Planning

    Research and planning is complete and all uplaoded to my blog.