Time Management

  • Period: to

    Time Management

  • Research and Planning

    Deadline for Research and Planning
  • Focus Group

    I will be meeting with Chloe, a member from my Focus Group to get their opinions and feedback from my first drafts.
  • Focus Group

    I will be meeting with Emily and Alice (Separately) from my focus group today to get feedback on my first drafts
  • Location shots

    Going to my location to take pictures and do a risk assessment.
  • New Deadline

    The deadline for Research & Planning has been moved to January 4th 2012
  • Photoshoot

    Taking my photos with Emily on location.
  • Photo editing begins

    Editing all necessary photos in preparation for my magazine production
  • Magazine Production Begins

    Production of my magazine now begins
  • Deadline

    My Magazine front cover, contents and double page spread must be completed by this date.
  • Deadline

    My evaluation needs to be complete by this time.