The Summer of 2012

  • Maddie's Suprise Birthday Party

    Maddie's Suprise Birthday Party
    Emma A, Kailey, and I set up this suprise birthday party for maddie. We made cupcakes in ice cream cones. We had so much fun with all the games and candy.
  • Softball

    We had softball practice alot and it was fun. I was in 7th grade softball and summer rec. I pitched and played shortstop. One of our teams did really good while the other not so well.
  • Kneeboarding

    My family and i pretty much go tot Yankton every Saturday and Sunday. My brother and i love to kneeboard. So that day we pretty much kneeboarded the whole time.
  • First day of Northwestern

    First day of Northwestern
    Leah Kailey and I went to the Northwestern basketball camp. It lasted till the 19. We stayed over night in the dorms. I learned a lot more basketball and gained a lot of friends.
  • Waverunner

    That day at Yankton i kept giving marlee rides. The first time I took off she fell off the back and into the water!! Then when we were driving around we saw a whole bunch of huge dead fish. It also smelled really bad, but otherwise it was a great day.
  • Moving Marlee

    Moving Marlee
    That day we moved Marlee into her apartment in Mankato. We also met her roommates. She had lots of stuff to carry in but we got it done.
  • Twins game

    Twins game
    My family and I went to a Minnesota Twins game. While we were there we got to see the new stadium (it was my first time seeing it). That game the Twins were playing the Tampa Bay Rays. The Twins ending up losing 4-2
  • party with kailey

    party with kailey
    It was the second to last night until school. So kailey and i decided to have a sleepover. We played a bunch of games. Marlee also came in and played the games and talked with us.